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Highlights from WCE: Part 4




We've seen some silly things so far, but guess what folks, the show has only just begun! Some of the things you are about to see will astound and amaze you.

20:51] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> Progress gentleman!

[20:51] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> its delicious!

[20:51] <@Co_God_Ben[loss]> the stars are aligning

The ancient roman astrologers foretold of the day when GOONS would fall.

[20:51] * Thrash[invicta] () has joined #stratego

[20:51] * ChanServ sets mode +b for #stratego

[20:51] * Thrash[invicta] was kicked by ChanServ () Reason (You are not permitted to be on this channel.)

[20:51] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> help?

[20:51] <@MegaAros> lol

[20:51] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> Thrash is trying to come in?

[20:51] <@kingzog> Indeed. But....strange times, strange bedfellows and all that.

But what's this? A new member has joined the party!

[20:53] <%Thrash[invicta]> wow, quite the diversity in here

[20:53] <@bud> if this gets off the ground what is the time frame?

[20:53] <@kingzog> Got that right.

[20:53] <@Poyples> Schatt

[20:53] <@Grumpdogg[NpO]> Welcome Thrash :P

[20:53] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> I'm looking now to see what you all think is the best course of action between now and the weekend:

A brave knight of Invicta, trained in the kingdom of daddy NPO.

20:51] <@Doppelganger> but yeah anyhow, I'm paying GOONS $90 mil in reps for sending Methrage $3 million

[20:51] <@Doppelganger> I want my monies back

[20:51] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> tell him to rejoin

[20:51] <@Poyples> that was pretty dumb to be fair

Sorry, no refunds.

[20:52] <@Doppelganger> I didnt know you could find out about secret aid via the Gather Intel spy option......

The more you know -*

[20:53] <~Schattenmann> I think we need to move inside a week

[20:53] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> wait to Friday then defend?

[20:53] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> everything inside of a week i would hope

[20:53] <@Doppelganger> and besides, ridiculous reps are ridiculous reps

[20:53] * kingzog waves to Invicta....this is weird....

[20:53] <@Poyples> can you change the topic to "Yes, this channel is diverse, please don't mention it, again..." XD

If by "diverse" they mean "incompetent people who hate each other, but hate GOONS more".

[20:54] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> I am not sure the CB is solid enough to go in aggressive...I mean to declare on them

Ah yes, the first touch of self-doubt, it is from here the mood of the channel takes a decidedly somber tone.

[20:54] <~Schattenmann> CoJ is not a democracy. If I say go we'll go when I say. Please say "Me" or something if you have to go get a vote for this plan

[20:55] <@kingzog> Me

[20:55] <@kingzog> Or something.

[20:55] <~Schattenmann> That will effec6 planning

[20:55] <%Thrash[invicta]> please give me a quick summary considering i just came in here and see talks about plans of when to war

[20:55] <@bud> me

[20:55] <@bud> Chef has final say

[20:55] <%Thrash[invicta]> i know the details behind the reason

[20:55] <~Schattenmann> Ok

[20:55] <@Topgun{BAPS}> Me (vote of 3 including me)

[20:55] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> Nemesis can go in, but it would be best if we check with our MoD

[20:56] <@kingzog> We can probably get it approved in 24 hours or less.

[20:56] <@kingzog> Note: 'probably'.

You have my sword... maybe... hold on I need to talk with my manager...

[20:56] <~Schattenmann> Ok, this is how a war gets totally fracked up: Loose lips. If you need to get a vote, or go to a higher-up, do it on IRC or in the highest, least-accessible forum on your forum

[20:56] <~Schattenmann> If eevryone gets excited and starts telling their friends to go to defcon 1, then we're sunk

Yes, because IRC never gets leaked, ever.

[20:56] <@TCK> Actually if they are rolling the uokmb guys and pursuing them from a disbanded AA then this is not an aggro war

[20:56] <@TCK> it has to be spun that way

[20:57] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> Yes Poyples

[20:57] <%Biff[CoJ]> Just define it anyway you want, it's how they do things.

[20:57] <~Schattenmann> ^

[20:57] <@Grumpdogg[NpO]> Recognition of Hostilites is the way to go

[20:57] <@Grumpdogg[NpO]> (defensive)

You spin me right round baby right round, like a record baby.

[20:57] <%Thrash[invicta]> can someone tell me what the sides are here?

[20:58] <@Starcraftmazter> me

[20:58] <@Grumpdogg[NpO]> Thrash[invicta]: you bring your friends, we bring ours

[20:58] <%Thrash[invicta]> and we all roll GOONS?

[20:58] <%Thrash[invicta]> :)

[20:58] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> and co.

[20:58] <@Grumpdogg[NpO]> the an co. is the hard part, but yes

[20:58] <@Grumpdogg[NpO]> *and co

[20:58] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> anyone that supports that monstrosity of a player loser, deserves to die

Grumpdogg is a master tactician.

[20:58] <~Schattenmann> The world V. GOONS

Keep dreaming Schatt, Keep dreaming.

More in part V



Recommended Comments

This would have been the funniest war ever. From copying Liquid Mercury war tactics to some of the most bizarre war scenarios (BAPS defending UPN and the ODN using a oA to hit LOST and MK's MDoAP partner (the MK treaty was still in force) seems like a really realistic situation.

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Man Schatt is a regular Archon/Impero when it comes to coalition leading. Apparently writing flowery posts does not correlate to having any idea how to play this game on a macro level.

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Invicta is in talks without NPO, I'm so proud.

I wish I had my Popcorn War logs; NPO didn't know our plans until I announced it publicly on their boards. giggle.gif

Wonder if #lolpink is still regged...

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Man Schatt is a regular Archon/Impero when it comes to coalition leading. Apparently writing flowery posts does not correlate to having any idea how to play this game on a macro level.

Most def. One of the finest the game has ever seen!

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