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Highlights from WCE; the Worst Coalition Ever: Part 1




Faced with the immense unjustness of not being allowed to accept nuclear rogues into an alliance, UPN apparently turned to Schattenmann for help. Schattenmann, having finally found his calling, set to the task by making a channel to discuss and plan our imminent demise.

The following excerpts are from that channel, the night of the incident:

[19:27] <kingzog> Well now....the weirdness of this meeting is nearly complete.

[19:27] <kingzog> Hi Dopp.

[19:27] <@Doppelganger> I thought the same thing

[19:28] <@Doppelganger> I peed a little when I saw your name in here

[19:28] <@Doppelganger> just a little


The people in this room sought our demise, a loose coalition of people, some of which who considered each other enemies, united by hatred of us.

[20:06] <%Cookavich[NpO]> mmm, well, I don't know how many of you know, but there are major issues between UPN and GOONS at the current time

[20:07] <%Daggarz[Nemesis]> we need alliances that can fight cookavich :P

[20:07] <@kingzog> I think most of us know.

[20:07] <~Schattenmann> I was tipped off and I've spoken to Peggy

[20:07] <%Cookavich[NpO]> UPN brings in us and CnG

So begins the coalition building, things start out positively enough.

[20:08] <~Schattenmann> I asked a lot of you here and asked them to bring otheres here for this: We all want to strike now, and we all feel redfaced about watching Ninjas and FnKa do the lifting while we look at our feet. We need to all set here and see that this is alarge force

[20:08] <@MegaAros> Right.

[20:08] <~Schattenmann> This UPN issue adds a very fortuitous turn to things

[20:09] <@kingzog> It would certainly force a lot of hands....the question is whether that's a good thing.

[20:09] <@kingzog> Make no mistake....I think we all know where this is headed. The question, as always, is timing.

[20:09] <%Daggarz[Nemesis]> GOONS need a slap on the butt

[20:09] <~Schattenmann> I know that UPN has a lot of detractors, but I have faith that anyone that has bad blood with UPN can sit it aside for a larger scope

[20:10] <%Cookavich[NpO]> those who have bad blood with UPN have it over reasons that don't call for war

[20:10] <@MegaAros> Right.

Schattenmann loves his speeches, here he attempts to build support for his movement, and downplay the laughability of UPN.

[20:10] <@kingzog> We have folks in this channel who aren't civil with each other normally. I think 'sucking it up' is something we've all signed on for.

[20:10] <%Daggarz[Nemesis]> ill be nice to corinan

[20:11] <%Daggarz[Nemesis]> im not even lying

[20:11] <~Schattenmann> That is a very good question zog has. Of timing. The question becomes do we wait for Pandora to make things very imposing for anyone that might join in, or do we wait til after and stew in cold war for months or even a year

[20:11] <@HeroofTime55> If we have this a sealed deal, NPO might be able to enter, but we need word from people that they won't be dumb and abandon the gameplan just to get at NPO

[20:11] <@MrWhiteOcUK> Timing is only going to get worse as far as I can see

[20:11] <~Schattenmann> ^

[20:11] <@MegaAros> ^

So begins the hilarious speculation, and the ignorance. I find the mention of NPO highly amusing, because while I don't work with NPO, I'm going to take a wild guess and say NPO wouldn't touch this coalition with a 10 foot poll, especially with the stated cb (or lack there of as we will soon find out). The other thing the coalition does not realize is that it is already too late. We have treaties with all members of PB other than FOK, so the formation of the bloc has little realistic difference on the outcome, and of course, we have more than enough other friends to defeat anything they can throw at us.

[20:11] <~Schattenmann> IF, if, C&G falls apart and SF falls apart, those people that just NEED a bloc to feel valid will go to Pandora's Box

This is pretty funny because it makes so many assumptions, that both C&G and SF will fall apart, and that PB would even be attractive to people leaving them.

[20:14] <@HeroofTime55> If we strike quickly with CnG and STA alongside Polaris, it could force MK to sit it out

[20:14] <@HeroofTime55> I think otherwise they'd be content to hop in on the side of GOONS

[20:14] <~Schattenmann> ok tell him to come on dagz

[20:14] <%Daggarz[Nemesis]> yeah they like GOONS for some odd reason

[20:15] * Co_God_Ben[loss] () has joined #stratego

[20:15] * ChanServ sets mode +o Co_God_Ben[loss] for #stratego

[20:15] <%Daggarz[Nemesis]> so lets get stragith to do it

[20:15] <%Daggarz[Nemesis]> we want to hit asap right?

This one's pretty amusing as well, because it vastly underestimates the extent of MK and GOONS' relationship, while at the same time forgetting that at present date, MK has no treaties.

[20:18] <~Schattenmann> I've been wanting this to happen since before I heard about UPN 20 minutes ago

No surprise there, Schattenmann.

[20:18] <@MyWorld[DT]> PC and Umb are part of NOIR, so we'd have to plan this right, as that can cause some conflict of treaties of fellow members.

Here's some more ignorance, how would NOIR possibly be high enough priority for anyone to keep people out?

[20:19] <bud> UPN are dead weight they would be mostly shields if you can even get them ot go on the offensive at all

bud is a classy individual, and so begins some of the more obvious internal conflicts.

[20:23] <~Schattenmann> <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> last thing i wrote was "So whats your gameplan schatt" <---- before tonight, it was declare war in support of Ninjas and/or FnKa, now it's very much more eassy if UPN ggoes to war

[20:23] <@HeroofTime55> The original plan I had was to set up a decoy alliance on red for GOONS to raid, then schatt would demand $90 million per attack

[20:23] <@MegaAros> Yes, that seems to be the best course of action at the moment.

[20:24] <@HeroofTime55> But now we have UPN

[20:24] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> UPN is quicker

It was never about defending UPN in reality, it was just about finding a CB against us. Thus begins the desperate search for a CB to use against us before we attained invincibility by virtue of our diplomatic ties (which we had done months earlier anyway).

[20:24] <@HeroofTime55> Give GOONS a steep out, offer to let them pay like, idk, $360 million or some crap

[20:24] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> I have asked the 100-day member to let us know the damages

[20:25] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> because I will ask Sardonic to pay for him

[20:25] <@HeroofTime55> Set it at $90 million, nobody will question it

[20:25] <@Cookavich[NpO]> lol

[20:25] <@HeroofTime55> It's what GOONS demands from everyone else

[20:25] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> what if they pay?

[20:25] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> hahaha

[20:25] <@HeroofTime55> That's a problem

[20:25] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> I don't believe they will

[20:25] <@bud> 90 mill is the terms they have set

[20:25] <@HeroofTime55> 90 mil per attack

Here's a good case of vastly overestimating one's diplomatic position, in addition to missing the point that the 90m precedent was set with regards to people such as methrage only. Amazing how they ignored the fact that we were charging 15m for the runts who ran to UPN, citing the 90m instead.

That is it for part 1, I'm going to split this into multiple parts for formatting reasons. Please stay tuned to this blog for the remaining parts (there is a lot left).



Recommended Comments

My favorite part is how they're going to set up a dummy alliance as bait and then demand 90m. I want to see how they equate "messed up raid on a planted alliance" to "blatantly aiding nuclear rogues." We've literally only asked for 90m four times, and all four were in relation to Methrage.

Not only that, they ignored the fact that we didn't ask for 90m in the exact situation they're trying to go to war over (we asked for 15m). It's like only the convenient bits and pieces of reality are the only ones that exist.

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You guys are hilarious. Please organize a coalition to attack GOONS for our horrible horrible treatment of UPN. You obviously seem like such capable rulers and diplomats who can pull off a major coordinated offensive.

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Where do they get the idea CnG would actually support this pile of horribleness? Through ODN? ODN has an OPTIONAL aggression treaty with UPN, and if this bloc declared offensively they wouldn't touch it with a 20-foot pole.

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I found it amusing, and insulting that CnGs direction was discussed without... you know.. the presence of CnG... Who do these manipulators think they are?

I found it amusing that people talk to UPN.....

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I find it amusing that GOONS goes to such lengths to portray themselves as "victim", when in fact on a nation by nation basis they creative far more victimization than they suffer.

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I found it amusing, and insulting that CnGs direction was discussed without... you know.. the presence of CnG... Who do these manipulators think they are?

Probably the same people who thought Fark et al would fight on the side of NPO in Karma. It's amazing how little grasp of the politics of this game and the leanings of its alliances some people have.

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I find it amusing that GOONS goes to such lengths to portray themselves as "victim", when in fact on a nation by nation basis they creative far more victimization than they suffer.

Your reality sounds crazy. It's one where people portray themselves as a victim by making fun of their opponents' pitiful attempts to plot against them. It's also one where it's considered an excellent debate tactic to say "Oh yeah, well GOONS are worse than them so they don't have to be held accountable for their actions." And most perplexing, it's one where "creative" is a verb.

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Why do I keep hearing "Methrage" being mentioned whenever a situation with GOONS flares up? Is it some sort of rage that you feel when you're dealing with MK, C&G and/or GOONS? Please enlighten me. :blink:

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"Odin didst promise bloodshed, and there was much rejoicing. And Odin saw that ale was consumed and soldiers' goodbyes were said, and he saw that it was good."

Book of Æsir, 2:10

"And the drums of war did sound o'er the howling of the Fimbulwolves, and the soldiers went forth to the field of battle. Runes were inscribed on their shields, and Odin did smile upon those who died honorably; they were granted a feast in his hall at Asgard to await their spot in Gimli. Those who hid or felled their enemies without honor were cast straight into Niflhel. And the Æsir saw that it was good."

Book of Ragnarok, 4:10

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