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Update: These Are a Few of My Favourite Things

Prince Imrahil



Yeah that was pretty gay but anyway:

Film: "Kingdom of Heaven: Director's Cut" I can't really explain it, but that film speaks to me.

Book: "The Lord of the Rings" (I know, you're shocked). It pretty much changed the way I think about certain things

Season: Summer. Cute guys running shirtless (or for you hetero males, scantily clad ladies and sun dresses...a friend of mine loves girls in sun dresses).

Television Show: Honestly, I can't narrow it down, but "American Dad" is way up there.

Band/Musician: This is always changing, but right now, Classic Case songs are constantly stuck in my head.

Album: The complete recordings of "The Lord of the Rings." It's pretty epic, not to mention long (almost 10 hours).

Dessert: Have you ever been to some place where they have a dessert that consists of a brownie, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce? That's it. Now I really wish I wasn't thinking about it (salivary glands on turbo).

Holiday: As stated in my previous post, Halloween. Last year there was a guy dressed as a Chippendale...and he looked the part.

Sports Teams: I only watch one team sport enough to have a favourite team. That would be American football. My college team is Virginia Tech (my Alma Mater) and my pro-team is, of course, the Green Bay Packers.

Place I have been: Charleston, South Carolina in spring. Gorgeous.



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