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Questions: Halloween

Prince Imrahil


Halloween is just four weeks away. This is quite possibly my favourite holiday of the year (that's right, it surpasses Christmas and Thanksgiving). You have a license to get hammered, dress-up as...whatever, and when it's on the weekend (like last year), the fun is twice as long. Last year was pretty epic, except the part where I couldn't find my keys. So this time, I have two questions: what did you go as last year, and what will you be this year?


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Last year I returned to a classic from my youth. I take two wire coathangers, maniuplate them into a harness that goes around each arm at the armpit and connected over my back at the nap of the neck. On the right, a wire goes up about 2.5 feet through a hole snipped in my shirt. Then I suspend a noose from the top of the wire and go to town with the corpse makeup. My teachers loved it when I was in high school, and my students loved it last year :P The cirrrrrclllllle, the cir. cle. of. life.

Not sure this year. Maybe Cobra Commander (made the costume during the Israeli attack on Lebanon for a spoof, never used it), a Star Wars Imperial Officer (old standby; I hate repeats but you spend the money for one of these things and hate to leave it to gather dust), maybe a zombie which is always fun.



I've done this on Halloween, but this actually isn't Halloween; we went to the premiere of Dawn of the Dead like this. Got pulled over and the cop didn't even doubletake--you'd think he pulled over carloads of blood-covered zombies all day long. Let me off with a warning, I guess he valued his brains.

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I haven't really "celebrated" Halloween for years. If I could I'd probably go as Bill Leeb circa 1994, but I'm kinda bald, so that wouldn't work :P

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@ Rebel Virginia You're either being sarcastic and I'm misreading you, or you're being serious and need to read THIS.

Also, extra credit for pictures.

I've read the so called "arguments" and I'm still not convinced. Want to tell me how dressing up provocatively in devil and demon and witch costumes, and then going about with weird fetishes is anything but Satanic? No, I didn't think you could tell me either.

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@Rebel Virginia

I see plenty of people clad as angels and princess as well every year. Are they satanic too? In fact, most of the costumes I see aren't vampire, devils, witches, or anything of the sort. People are more imaginative than that, though apparently you are not.

Even when I was a kid, the church I went to (a Baptist church) as well as one that was closer to my house (also a Baptist church) recognized the holiday and did something with the kids to celebrate. If Baptist churches in the south don't mind celebrating, then I don't know where you got this BS from.

Wherever you got it from, keep it there.

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