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An Interesting Quote I am fond of..




“You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche-

About the Author

I am a fan of Philosophy, Poetry and most literature.

It was once pointed out that all of my favorite authors exhibited either a mental problem or addiction of some kind. Nietzsche is not excluded from this interesting point. We all have our addictions, some are worse than others and I will admit to having a few (All legal mind you). Whether I am mental or not, I will leave that to you. I will not argue the fact I think differently or admire those that also think differently.

Let us get back to the main topic.. (I am great at going off topic)

I would love to hear some of your (anyone who happens to be reading this) representations of this quote.

What do you think it means?

Do you agree?

I believe most things can be taken in several ways. What the author was originally trying to say may not be what you get from it. I personally think it exhibits many truths and I will list a few.

  • We will most likely never agree on everything
    You have your beliefs, I have mine..
    I can attempt to prove mine and so can you, but we could argue our individual cases forever. If we can't truly prove each other wrong, why not say the truth doesn't exist?
  • The Truth is an opinion
    Following my previous point, it isn't hard for me to say that the truth in many cases could always be seen as an opinion. In many cases the popular opinion acts as the truth.
  • Majority Rules
    If we all said the sky was pink and everything we thought was blue was instantly pink because we all believe it to be so.. who will argue?
    Everything we believe could probably be a direct effect of the influences upon ours lives.

Maybe Nietzsche was just pointing out that we will never agree or that we should just maintain our own opinions without trying to make them facts.

I could probably agree with almost any representation of this quote, as it could be referring to nothing and everything, and I am quite open minded.

Please give me your outlook on it... I've already admitted to thinking differently so if you see it as something totally different or don't agree with me SAY SO!



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Anyways, When did you become a Philosopher?

Where did I say I was a philosopher?


As pointed out in the first post.. you can't threaten people to read the blog.. so posting the link to this blog in random places is the only way to get people to read it.. so hush

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Nietzsche quotes can be tricky out of context. You remember which book this came from?

Wihtout finding it in context, I'd argue he is suggesting in that quote that we have different ways of seeking the truth, and being aware of how we seek truth should be more important to us than the "truth." This means that truth is not an opinion and definitely not something to be found democratically.

His concept of the "will to truth" asserts that our philosophical obsession to seek truth blinds us from ever knowing what truth is. This does not necessarily mean truth as truth does not exist.

In short, think of this like he most (in)famous quote: "God is dead, for we have killed him." That quote has generated a lot of different interpretations, not all agreeing that this means he rejected God. He rejected our God, perhaps, but not "God." But that is just one argument and there are plenty that disagree with that interpretation, too.

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I cannot find where it is linked to any of his works.. I have a feeling it wasn't in any of his published works.

I agree with what you're saying and I wasn't stating that it says that Truth doesn't exist, but more of a lot of things we see as the truth may not actually be the truth or are often an opinion. If I have my way and you have your way.. we both see it as the way, but it doesn't necessarily mean it is The Way. You could basically exchange truth with way and see what I am saying. There may not be a way or a person alive who can officially say that there is an official way or truth.. but like my next point.. I said that often the majority chooses one way and choose to see it as their truth.

As for his quote "God is dead, for we have killed him"

I have always thought that he meant our concept of God. The way we made God in a sense made it like he doesn't exist. Not that he doesn't exist, but our many representations have diluted his image or falsified him. Though going back to interpretations.. that is just how I myself have chosen to see it.. It wouldn't be a surprise if he was definitely an Atheist. There is definitely enough of his words to support that belief.

I apologize if none of this makes sense to you.. like I said I think differently and often am the only person who can decipher what I am trying to say.

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It all makes sense and I appreciate the topic and conversation. :)

You are right about most taking Nietzsche's rejection of God as atheism. My interpretation there is definitely a minority view.

Nietzsche fascinates me mostly for observing the ways in which some ideologues think they understand him to the point of calling themselves Nietzscheans. In my opinion, that is the greatest injustice to his works.

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