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A suggestion that I did not suggest for various reasons.




As it stands right now, tech, that was painfully procured through weeks of looking for a seller and obtained by using up an aid slot for only 50 at a time, can be lost in a war. Many would know that technology increases population happiness, in addition to providing other benefits such as the construction of advanced tanks and planes. It is an extremely important number for large nations. The potential for the loss of tech is a major mental obstacle for anybody who has ever contemplated hitting the "Declare War" button in CN. This has caused many large nations to be ordered to raise the hippy shield by their alliance mates to protect the alliance's top tiers from tech loss, an action that could be described as boring, at best and bad for the activity of the community at worst. Alliances don't want to go to war out of fear that they will lose tech (and infra, but that is not what we're discussing here.).

My suggestion is to stop the desctruction of tech whenever a nation gets hit by a conventional (anything but nukes) attack. I can understand how a nation can steal tech from another, but that doesn't mean the victim nation has to lose it. Here's an example. During the Punic wars, Rome didn't have much of a navy. But after a few battles on land with Carthage, a boat that used to belong to the enemy washed up on the shores of Rome, in fairly good condition. Roman engineers took the ship back to the lab and created a standard ship that the Romans would use for the rest of the war. Here, the Romans gained the technology of a good boat, but did Carthage lose their technology? No. I fail to see how land battles and missile strikes on roads and factories can "destroy" tech. Attacking nations will still be able to gain tech from attacks, but defending nations will no longer be able to lose it.

If a nation has a particularily large Warchest, they will be able to rebuild their infra fairly quickly after a war. But their income will be severely reduced because they lost a bunch of tech. Who wants to waste time and aid slots looking for potential sellers, who might be in just as bad shape, after a nuclear cataclysm? Although this change is relatively minor, I think it will do much to lessen the costs of a war after it is over, thereby increasing the amount of wars alliances engage in and as a result, the activity of the community.

Note that this will not solve the problem of high costs of rebuilding income after a war by itself. It will help, but making Infra easier to rebuild will ameliorate the situation of nations at war dramatically.

The reason I didn't post it is because it had one major flaw. I realised that this would probably cause alliances to organise "wars" with each other so that they could gain tech without the fear of losing it. And, 250 tech every 10 days is actually quite a bit.



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I think that the in-game technology should not be compared as much with the actual intelligence of technology, but rather with the pioneering individuals who created it.

Its comparing bombing the site of an experiment compared with bombing the residence of a renowned inventor. One is a temporary set-back, the other is a long-term setback.

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The argument makes sense, except that for the in-game mechanic tech tends to represent more of a technology base than a resevoir of technical knowledge. When a nation has its tech destroyed it loses access to higher-tier devices such as stealth aircraft, not the ability to produce them once the nation rebuilds its tech back up.

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Horrible idea. Tech inflation is already running wild. If anything, tech should be easier to destroy in war, and nukes are doing nearly enough tech damage.

Couple of problems. First, technology during conventional warfare in the real world almost always advances. Indeed the "tech raid" we're so used to seeing in game should, if it reflected reality, result in tech points for the raider (if successful) and no tech loss for the target nation. The same pretty much goes for even more protracted conflicts.

Those rare occasions when tech decreases in warfare, it is because of the complete or near complete collapse of infrastructure, and thus the tools and know-how to reproduce various technological artifacts. In ancient times this sort of decrease in infrastructure would take generations to occur. Examples can be found in both the Mayan and Roman civilizations. In the modern world, nuclear weapons could in theory accelerate the damage necessary to bring about a technological collapse, or at least a decline in technology. However, it is debatable just how much tech decline would result from a single nuke strike, or even several of them. For example, we find that both the US and USSR made plans to store away machinery and other manufacturing equipment in secret locations so that in the event of a nuclear war, each would be able to maintain a certain baseline industrial capability.

This is why I have campaigned rather vigorously at times against increasing the damage to tech in warfare. There is already aspects of the game where realism was compromised in the name of expedience or simply because someone talked long enough and loud enough about demand a rules change that favored them that it finally happened. More effort should be made on adding pieces of the game rather than this.

With all due respect to all concern.

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This would also mean that seller nations wouldn't lose tech when selling, right (they are just sharing knowledge)?

It's an interesting concept, at least.

No. Tech gains and losses when giving and receiving foreign aid are still the same. This only applies to when you get attacked during a war.

Also, thanks for the feedback everybody. I know it's a bad idea now, but I didn't want to waste all the time I used to type this up, so I posted it anyway. Keep thinking of awesome tweaks!

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