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Glory Days: Documents Declassified




In my tenure at Zenith I had roughly 1,915 posts. Only about 5 or so were spam games. Most were of the general alliance coordination stuff, duties, and such. But I did have a few posts that I particularly liked. I grabbed a handful here. Maybe you'll find them interesting.

Also, unfortunately for readers looking for more slanderous stuff, there isn't much dirt or discussion of other alliances (except a few). Sorry guys, maybe next time...

War Related:

When the TOP VS. CNG was gearing up. I was Overseer by this time:

- -o- -ooOO---------OOoo- -o- -

These are just some idle thoughts I've had over the last 3 weeks or so. Feel free to jump in at any point.

Since I have joined, we have been on the smaller side of both major engagements, Karma and this one. We could have been in the majority had the Almost war escalated.

In both of the major engagements, I was unhappy at being a supporter, however indirectly, of either faction, the first being lead by NPO and the other being lead by TOP. I never saw them as necessary for our survival, they have bad reputations, and being so close to the uppermost ranks means that they are constantly scheming or being schemed against by the others resulting in many wars.

It is arguable that by lending our support to our allies, as they support these factions, that we are enjoying a trickle down effect of power, as if we were ever attacked directly we could rely on a reverse effect of the chain and draw in support from the larger alliances. In theory. So far all I've seen are the largest alliance fighting amongst themselves and relying on the support of their allies, and so on down the line, to prop them up.

In comparison of our current defacto upper allies to their enemies, I find it difficult to establish any as better than the other. TOP committed a grievous error and surprising lack of judgment in their unprovoked attack on CnG. Preemptive striking as a strategy in this case was questionable, but not nearly as questionable as putting one's fate in the hands of their enemy (NpO). Even if NpO hadn't any intentions on betraying their allies in CnG, despite what Grub said, (an improbable but not necessarily impossible event considering the things said by CnG members regarding NpO's attack on \m/), first, why trust anyone that would betray their comrades, and two, white peace for \m/ was already on the table, thus \m/ had the option of ending their dispute at any time, an opening to do the most damage in their hands.

That said, I don't find the Karma alliances any better 'masters' than the Hegemony. Since the toppling of NPO, we've seen Athens raid Knights of Ni!, supported by MK, and a spiteful strike without any diplomatic overtures on TPF. They !@#$%*ed and complained about NpO striking \m/. This is only the beginning. In their ranks or closely allied to, are FoB, PC, GOONS, \m/, and along with Athens, are all cruel opportunists who have each demonstrated their desire to destroy any one weaker than them and take their resources. With the backing of some of the most powerful alliances in the game, I can only see this continuing.

I do not resent coming to the aid of any of our allies. It is our duty and I can say that I like every single one of them. Almost every single one has proven to be honest and forthright and would gladly burn for us if we asked it of them.

What has been on my mind of late is how to break our reliance, no matter how indirectly, on larger powers. It is quite a quandary. An alliance takes a terrible risk by perusing an isolationist policy, and plus we already have great allies. The violence and treachery cannot really be avoided. But I do think it can we could be more insulated from the pressures of the elites than we are now.

One option that keeps cropping up is to expand the PnL bloc and then consolidate all of our treaties into one joint Optional decree with the bloc as a whole instead of individual alliances.

Just some rambling thoughts. Speak your piece if you've got anything to say regarding our current situation.

- -o- -ooOO---------OOoo- -o- -

Once war was looming, within a day from outbreak, many in the ranks who were less experienced in the larger world were questioning why we had to go to war...

- -o- -ooOO---------OOoo- -o- -

Planet Bob is a dangerous place.

If one is without an alliance, they will be attacked by merciless raiders who will take no pity on them, but they will take all of the nation's hard earned resources. There will be no end to raiders and few nations can survive long without help.

Being in an alliance grants a nation a safe haven to grow their country. It comes with privileges, rights, and responsibilities. But just like in real life, no complete safety is ever guaranteed.

If anyone is wondering why we have entered into the wars that we have, I'll say this: despite the damages war incurs they have been our best options for our own survival and prosperity.

An alliance must honor it's treaties if it wishes to remain a respected and feared group. Alliances without allies are the first to be attacked by warmongers. These alliances are often outnumbered and dogpiled. And who would come to their defense if they won't come to another's? It just happened recently with the Athens/Knights of Ni! episode, and was the primary cause of this current war.

There is no where to go if one wishes to avoid conflict, expect perhaps permanent peacemode. Take the current war for example, look outside the walls of Zenith and you'll see that almost every single alliance is engaged in this global struggle.

War is inevitable. The loss of resources will happen eventually regardless. The question remains then, where do you wish to spend your resources? You can give them all to raiders with no return. Or you can spend them in an alliance where you bring honor and glory to yourself and your comrades.

It's true that we have been on the smaller side of the last few wars. But they have not been losses. We have never had terms imposed on us. Avoiding fighting when the odds are against us would mean disappointing our greatest allies and uprooting our entire diplomatic structure. To avoid a fight when an ally calls for help simply because we are outnumbered is the lowest mark of cowardice, and alliances that refuse to go to bat for their friends will be slandered at every turn by everybody and eventually attacked.

The fact that we remain when so many alliances have failed and disbanded proves that we are a success.

Every war we fight, every treaty we honor, makes us stronger.

Remember that.

- -o- -ooOO---------OOoo- -o- -

After the war had been going on for some time, we were being ground down by the combined forces of GRE and Fark...

- -o- -ooOO---------OOoo- -o- -


From the original Declaration of Existence announcement, as written by Duncan King:


Zenith will be an alliance built on strength, cohesiveness, and diplomacy

From the original charter, as also written by Duncan King:


We, the nations of Zenith, strive for excellence in the world of Cybernations. Therefore only the best and those willing to put forth effort and contribute to the community will be accepted into the Assembly of Zenith.

Article One: Admission and Membership

Admission to Zenith shall be exclusive and very selective.

Strength. Cohesiveness. Diplomacy.

From the beginning, Zenith has strove for these things. We've had members come and go. We've been up and we've been down. We've had turbulence in the foreign world. However, despite these inevitabilities, we have pursued these tenets tenaciously and have achieved them, and we will continue to do so.

My vision for Zenith, and it is one that many of you share, is to be the best in all categories. We have a lot of work to do. But I have also seen a lot of progress lately. I'm very proud of us and you should be, too.

I see excellence in our very near future. Once the war is over, our administrative efforts will begin with full steam. We are learning from this current engagement and we grow stronger for it. We will rebuild our infrastructures and grow far beyond. We will increase our flock, improve our systems, and perfect our skills.

While being the best is still a ways off, there is something that each and every one of us can do to set the standard now and grow our might: Stand Firm.

We have already taken a great leap in the eyes of the world with our choice of one of the most feared alliances on Planet Bob. We grabbed GRE up around the collar and punched them straight in the face. Now we have these Farkers who think they can stop us. They cannot.

We will take more damage. We will bleed. But we will not be broken. Ever. We are setting the standard now. When our allies call us in their time of need, they'll know that we are in it to the end. We will make the ultimate sacrifice now to prove that our word is made of steel. When we rebuild the world will tread carefully before engaging us for they will know the lengths we will go to destroy them.

So laugh at your stats. While others cower, hugging their stats, we will use them to prove our determination. Every causality should be celebrated, every drop in NS is another point of proof that we will go the distance to see our goals fulfilled.

Stand Firm, my friends. We will persevere and we will exit this war with our heads held high and hungry for the next challenge. We are forging the warrior's spirit now.

- -o- -ooOO---------OOoo- -o- -

This was at the peak of our war, the breaking point where you know that you have exhausted almost all of your reserves, but nevertheless the guns are hot, the troops are whipped into a savage fury, and blades ring through the mind... exhilaration of running straight to victory or death is overwhelming...

- -o- -ooOO---------OOoo- -o- -


Another night has passed. Another update filled with the glorious carnage of destroying our enemies. Deeper into the fray! Farther into the heart of destruction we will go. There is no turning back and no salvation for our enemies! We will make that exquisite exchange of infra for glory. We will cash in our pixels for honor. Through blood-soaked perseverance spit through the clenched teeth of our wicked grins we will reconcile our foes to their blackest fate and wrench them screaming and crying into the deepest pits of hell! They will know without a doubt that their lives were forfeit the instant they declared on us. For they know not who we are! Forward! Faster! Farkistan and Grämlins will be wrought asunder by our scorching wrath!

- -o- -ooOO---------OOoo- -o- -

The aftermath...

- -o- -ooOO---------OOoo- -o- -

Nations of Zenith,

I am so very proud of you.

Never before in our history have I seen so much determination and ferocity. We went the distance, and while many of our nations now lay in ruins, our capitals smolder and our abilities pushed to the limits, I never heard a single complaint, any wavering of resolve, or any utterance of fear, despite the great sacrifices you undertook in the name of Zenith.

We have truly reached a new level.

No one in the world can doubt us or our military resolve now. We have proven that we will go to any lengths to reach our goals and assist our friends. Our respect has skyrocketed.

Don't just take my word for it, look at one of the things OG has said about us:



Many thanks! I must also say that we were completely overwhelmed by the wholehearted support shown by Zenith. We seriously could not ask for any better ally. Tough, smart, classy, and honorable - you guys have it all. Thanks again!



Zenith for their part put up a good fight. It was a pleasure working with you.

Look around on the CN forums, check out the threads relating to us, and see the outpouring from our friends and allies. It is a great feeling.

There are, however, other realities to face, too.

Militarily speaking, we were ill prepared. Some of you had great warchests, but many of us did not. Since now we can see that war can spring up at any time, we must continually hone our military.

Our first priority in the war was to assist Old Guard and stick by their side. That we accomplished. With high marks, I might add.

Our second priority was to try to get Gre out of the war. We did not accomplish that. We took a hell of a lot of damage, and dished even more. It may not have been possible to get Gre out in light of the fact that we entered on the smaller side of the war. But ultimately we ran out of gas before they did. That tells us something.

Secondly, a lot of our nations were not prepared adequately for war in terms of improvements and wonders. We were outgunned, as well as outnumbered.

So all in all, we may have lost the larger engagement, but we scored a major victory for us. We should hold our heads high because we worked like a team and we made it out stronger in spirit.

We've done very well, so take a break and pat yourselves on the back. We're going to be rolling out some major plans soon to build us bigger and stronger than before, so get a rest in, take a breather, and be ready to roll your sleeves up for some real building.

Many Blessings, Nations of Zenith

- -o- -ooOO---------OOoo- -o- -

The last Election:

My rise:

- -o- -ooOO---------OOoo- -o- -

The elections are over and the people have spoken.

I am proud to announce that I stand before the world as the second Overseer of Zenith. It is indicative of the spirit and vitality of the esteemed membership that we continue to survive and prosper.

If you'll allow me a moment to wax poetic, I will give you a glimpse into the mindscape of the sublime Zenith collective:


With every passing moment, in every second, with each pulse in the veins, beat of the heart, with every draw of the breath, we are growing stronger. The energy of the Universe is being drawn to us. With the intensity of our desire and meditation on the virtues of honor and righteousness, this energy is collecting all around us, charging the air and driving our actions. It's coalescing, pure and concentrated. In accordance with the laws of nature, where there is enough energy there is light. The Struggles had brought darkness, but our focus on Truth has birthed a new life. In the cold vacuum, a pinpoint of light has bloomed within our minds, and it has exploded into a blinding flash of Understanding.

We have seen the light, and it has banished the darkness.

We have seen the light, and it has shown us the path.

We are taking that path ever upward, to the very peak, to the highest point, to the apex where ability meets desire.

To the Zenith of our Destiny!

From here we see the world stretching out below us for miles and miles, and we know it to be ours.

Zenith owes a debt of gratitude to the first Overseer, Sulmar, who kept us safe and sound during his tenure. And as always, our founder Duncan King, who has kept a keen eye on our development and is the longest serving government member.

To our friends and allies, we thank you for your support, we could not do it without you. We are on a great path, let us continue.

To the world: Like you, we seek nothing more than to grow and prosper. We hold no desire to cause destruction, but only to use our arms to protect our friends and secure their prosperity, too. Let us get to know one another and enjoy the fruits of companionship.

Thank you for your time, I'm happy to report it's a beautiful day to be alive in Zenith.

~ Ex Astris Scientia

- -o- -ooOO---------OOoo- -o- -

And my fall...

- -o- -ooOO---------OOoo- -o- -

My Friends and Comrades,

Along with these exciting changes to our forums, it seems fitting that this announcement should come now.

Some of you may have noticed my lack of presence on the forum and IRC in the last several days. A series of unfortunate events have pressed themselves upon me and it is with much regret that I announce that I must step down from the Overseer position.

This is ironic and regretful as I spent over a year as a member in relative stability, so it's particularly irksome that it's at this point when personal calamity has struck.

It has a been an absolute blast to be the second Overseer and a distinct privilege and honor. Despite not being able to conclude it in they way that I had wished, I feel it has been the high point of my experience here. Thank you so much for your support during my tenure. The great strides and sacrifices the membership has made for our alliance in the last month is a memory I will never forget.

Any successes gained from the term of the second Overseer must be attributed to the fantastic cabinet of Advisors that served the alliance.

DK must be the hardest working woman in CN and it was with her's and Sulmar's experience that made administering Zenith particularly smooth and efficient. With such talent at my disposal, I knew that together we could surmount any obstacle. They have proved their dedication to Zenith again and again.

A special mention must be made of mike717's contribution to the war effort. Mike came to Zenith pretty much for a nice quiet retirement after lengthy service all over CN. In our time of need, Mike leaped to the front and skillfully (and almost singlehandedly) orchestrated the entire war effort. Assisted by the other Advisors, Old Guard's warplanners, and myself, Mike used his experience to squeeze every drop of tactical and strategic advantage from a situation that was far from being in our favor. The successes we enjoyed from this engagement are due, in part to the Advisory cabinet, but most appropriately should be attributed to Mike's skill. In the end, not only was he Zenith's general but also a great diplomat who coordinated with OG and also participated in the peace talks. Mike is a Hero of Zenith.

I would also like to personally thank Decomp and Alison who took their first strides in higher government. Each brought their own talents to Zenith and from day one their enthusiasm and concern for our advancement was evident. It was a pleasure to work with both of you and I hope you continue on.

Doctrorodders, you keep doing your best and it is a trait I admire and respect. Your support and counsel was very appreciated. I hope you continue to assist Zenith and develop into a great general in your own right.

Also, a big thank you to Datios. His excitement for doing his part was refreshing and I hope others strive to emulate it.

So my friends, this concludes my brief tenure as Overseer. I don't want anyone to lament this, as we have all grown and learned and will continue to do so. I think of the leadership of Zenith as like baton runners in relay races. When one finishes they pass the torch onto the next waiting. I hope and expect to see a lot of members in this next election eager to take the torch.

I will be busy getting my personal situation straightened out, and so will only be able to check in intermittently, but once that is done, I will be back soon to help in whatever capacity that is needed.

I apologize for this brief interruption of our progress, but I have faith that we will continue to adapt and grow. Again, I thank you for being solid members and making Zenith the best damn alliance on the planet.

Until later, friends.

In Service,

Mr. Otingocni of Kzoppistan

Second Overseer and Member of Zenith

- -o- -ooOO---------OOoo- -o- -

Miscellany and morale related stuff...

- -o- -ooOO---------OOoo- -o- -

This was my favorite post... several months before being elected overseer, in fact, I'm not sure that the restructure that created the new democratic hierarchy had happened yet, but things were dire... people deleting, some complaining in general, ect. I was MoFA at the time, got fed up and decided to lead the charge. I trained a replacement MoFA from my deputies, and took over recruiting, trained a training officer, and a military division...

Oh, the title of the post was "I will slap you in the mouth!"

- -o- -ooOO---------OOoo- -o- -

Did that title get your attention? Good, now sit up and pay attention because I've got something important to tell you.

Over the last several weeks I've watched with concern as old long standing members have deleted their nations. I've watched with consternation as new nations faded away into the void. I've watched with dismay as our stats have grown and then fallen, our strength slowly eroding. More importantly, I've watched with alarm as a malaise of despair and self-pity has fallen onto our forums. Some say the fun is gone. The debating chamber, once a vibrant arena of discourse, gathers dust. The melting pot is barely used by our members and there are so many topics in there by just me that I feel like I'm doing a stand up special. We have members who haven't shown up in weeks, tech sellers who aren't selling tech, and a general assembly that is beset by apathy.

This is complete and utter !@#$%^&* and it ends here!

The time for sitting around with our thumbs up our @#$% feeling sorry for ourselves is over. No more! The Hoplite Roman legions weren't the most feared soldiers on the planet because of one or two warriors fought well while the others mulled around like confused sheep. No, they were feared because they were fanatical in their discipline and all worked together as a team to protect each other and storm over their enemies.

Why are you here? Why are you playing this game? Think about it. A game. I don't know about you, but for me, I play a game to enjoy myself. And I enjoy a game the most when I am winning. And that is what we must do here. Now.

We are surrounded on all sides by enemies and rivals. We are in direct competition with 110 other alliances. For prestige, for power, for the precious resource of warm bodies. Of the handful of allies that have our back, the rest couldn't care less, or worse, sneer at us in contempt or secretly work against us. They want to see you and me crushed and at their mercy. They want us to fail, to disband, so that we scatter and they can subject each and every one of us to their rule. Is that what you want? To carry the stain of failure with you for the rest of your lives? Sure, it's just a game you say, but aren't games a reflection of life its self? Do you want to see our might flounder and bleed away while our foes laugh at our demise?

Well that's not gonna happen.

Zenith is my home, it's your home, and I'm going to fight for it until my dying breath. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more! And neither should you! The time is now! The time to start pulling together and working as a team is now! It is time to crack the whip and get !@#$% !@#$@#$ crazy about this. We have to take our anger and passion and turn it into action. We must be ruthless with ourselves and our neighbors!

For those of you who have worked consistently, who have bled and sacrificed your peace of mind and time to make this work, and now are exhausted with the effort- you have my sympathy and admiration. But do not give up hope, do not quit, the cavalry has arrived. It is the new blood that is making the success of Zenith their driving passion. For those of you who have rested on our AA with out doing a days worth of work, $%&@ You, You're A Parasite, now grab a shovel or get the $%&@ out. You think I'm an !@#$%^& for saying that? Too bad. Get up, join a service and help out or else scurry away with your tail between your legs like a !@#$%*- we don't need you. We have to get Hard. Mean. And Driven. That is how you win.

For those of you who I have spoken to in the last couple of days, those of you who have taken up the cause, and those of you who have heard the message and woken up to the true path, you will taste the sweet nectar of victory. I guarantee it.

The world is at our fingertips. The limitations are completely in our heads. 56 people united in one purpose can do almost anything. Think about it. Even if half of the membership, 27, put in continuous effort, we can move mountains. Even more people will only increase our power. We will beat our larger rivals by being more determined, unified, organized, skilled, and relentless.

I have sent out some PMs and I expect those of you who are not currently occupied to help out. No excuses. I will not stop until I get everybody either recruiting, training, coordination, or otherwise helping out. So save yourself some grief and sign up for something now. If you've got only five minutes a day, you've got time to help out. Even if it's something simple like sending out some PMs, checking in on newer nations, doing some art, being a diplomat, anything, do it.

I am taking over the recruitment center for now. I want as many people who can spare a few minutes doing this. If you are sitting on the crapper, I want you to call up on your iPhone to do some recruiting. I want so many recruitment messages going out that the Admin himself contacts us to ask us to stop because we're crashing his servers. I want to bleed every single 'none' and 'maybe' and 'no' from every nook and cranny of CN until it is sucked bone dry and the other alliances are crying themselves to sleep at night because our ranks are swelling by leaps and bounds and theirs aren't.

The plan is simple. Get recruits, get them trained, perfect our skills, and take over the !@#$@#$ world. It's That Simple.

We can do it. We are going to do it. I have faith in Zenith and will not surrender that dream to any one for any reason. We will not tarry, we will not doubt, and we will not lay down our swords for anyone. Together we will bend the world to our might.

Now let's do this.

- -o- -ooOO---------OOoo- -o- -

I was a stern taskmaster as division commander...

- -o- -ooOO---------OOoo- -o- -


nation link

is grossly negligent of his military duties. He hasn't signed in for the last three drills, one of which was our call to arms in the Almost War. He has refused to answer any summons or messages. He is not inactive as he just collected his taxes a few days ago.

I have given ample warning to everyone in Delta Division of the consequences of not abiding by the guidelines established that move us towards a stronger military presence.

Any player that cannot do the very minimum of participation by checking in twice a month is not fit to enjoy the benefits of our alliance. Any member that fails to answer a call to arms is a detriment to our forces.

Therefore, I urge action be taken against this member and have him expelled.

I would recommend: Sending him a notice that his case is in review and should he wish to plead his side, that he has 1 day to show up. After which, if he is to be removed from our ranks, a notice to get off our AA within another day should be given. Then we attack.

Let it be known now. I will not tolerate in my division those that cannot or will not abide by the simplest measures. This is not a flop house or free ride. Any who thinks they can enjoy our protection without being a participant will have their misconceptions corrected by a swift kick to the curb. If they think we will tolerate them ghosting, we will change their mind with a vicious and continuous beating until they leave. Be a contributing member or GTFO.

- -o- -ooOO---------OOoo- -o- -

A gentle reminder...

- -o- -ooOO---------OOoo- -o- -

.First of all, I'm not directing this at anybody in particular. If anything, it applies to me as much as any one. A member brought this concern up to me in private, and I think it deserves attention. Secondly, sorry for the length, hopefully this will be the only time I'll need to soapbox on this.

.Every alliance is known for something. Even if they don't mean to, eventually they acquire a reputation based on their actions, sometimes to their benefit, but often not. For example, NPO was unabashedly ruthless with their imperialism. What happened to them was a result of the masses coming together to take down a giant raw with its own arrogance. TOP, generally well regarded, has struck an entire bloc with out so much as a CB. This loss of moral high ground will probably spell their doom... if they lose. Mushroom Kingdom, probably the inheritors of the informal mantle of the strongest alliance are well known for their smugness. This, too will be their downfall. Athens' arrogance and aggression has already tarnished their image...

.One of the highest compliments I've seen Zenith paid, and one that causes a great deal of pride, is our professionalism. It's been mentioned more than once by those who have come and gone and those that know us well. It is a great distinction and a great way to stick out from the crowd. This is something we should continue to develop and enhance. It should be our calling card.

.However, and this brings me to the meat of the subject, it's easy to drift away from ideals when negative emotions get in the way. Professionalism is the adherence to a code of conduct over the temptation of emotional outbursts or pettiness. It is acting like a gentleman or a lady. It is acting like a respectful member of a team. This is hard to do sometimes. Especially when fighting the good fight ends up in the trenches. When people leave our ranks, it can be hard to take. It feels like a personal insult and it hurts. For those of us who have fought long and hard to keep us running, it can feel almost like a personal attack.

.Emotions are fine, often they are inevitable, but it is how we handle them that counts. It is important that we remember who we are and what we stand for when we are faced with adversity. When people leave, and they will, we should at least have the courtesy of showing them a degree of civility. When people join, and they will, they will be watching us to see what the accepted norm of conduct is and will adopt it. Quite a number of you have seen my own temper-tantrums on those occasions, so I am not absolved of acting petty. In fact, it is in reflection of my own behavior that has prompted this notice. It's a bad precedent to set, and we need to reverse course on that.

.We don't have to like it, we don't have to call them a friend or comrade, but we should remain even tempered and handle the news like professionals.

.I have to admit, when people leave, it makes me angry. As it does a lot of people. I'm very competitive and very driven, sometimes too much so. We don't want to be known for being so hard on everybody. We don't want to get a reputation for being bitter. We want to be known for our ability and good spirit. Even though we should encourage loyalty and discourage people from leaving our ranks, we must remember that this is a game and we should be having fun and taking it easy.

.That goes for everything like friends who seek their fortunes elsewhere, to disciplining our members, to our conduct on the IRC and OWF.

.I'm not saying we should be soft on those who are not pulling their own weight, or leave under poor circumstances. In fact, applying discipline and enforcing standards, even if a bit painful sometimes, is a way of doing good for the group. It makes us stronger. I won't hesitate to order an attack on someone because they were taking advantage of our protection without doing their part. I won't hesitate to call out BS when I see it, and neither should you. But we should remember that when doing so, it's not to satisfy some sort of bloodlust or want for vengeance but only to better the group. Keeping that in mind will help moderate our actions and not go overboard.

.When we engage our fellow Zenithians, it should be with genuine care and respect. When we deal with those outside our group, it should be with civility. To keep from getting on our high horses, we should remember that humility is the cure to self-righteousness. The people I've met here are like a family, we should be working together like a well trained team who look out for one another.

.By practicing the principles set forth, we not only bring honor to ourselves, to our alliance, but we also are walking the path of the true warrior.

.Zenithism is based on the Bushido code of the warrior. It was good for enlightened warrior monks who lived a life with one foot in spirituality and another in the practicalities of war, and it's good for us.

.I'd like to ask you all to take a moment to read these over and make them your standard:

(Remember: Professionalism should be our calling card.)

Day by day, we drudge through our Cybernations lives, collecting taxes and buying infrastructure. We have gathered here in Zenith because we did not want drudgery, we did not want to be a member of the faceless and opinion-less masses--and most of all--we wanted to be something special. We wanted to stand out from drudgery and normalcy.

There is an old saying “Birds of a Feather, Flock Together”, and this situation is no different. We are in Zenith for our own reasons, but share a simple philosophy and set of goals for ourselves. This philosophy will hereby be named: “Zenithism”. Every member of Zenith is a strong believer of the concept of Zenithism. Thus, any member can be referred to as Zenite, as well as any follower of the Zenith doctrine.

Zenithism or “The Path of Zenith” contains seven core values which each member of Zenith must hold close to their hearts and thrive upon everyday. These values as a group shall be named “The Seven Principles.”

1.Righteousness and Honor

Each follower and practitioner of Zenithism will prescribe to a decent and self-subscribed conduct among their fellow Zenites. Integrity and Justice should be driving factors in every single Zenite's moral code and daily conduct.


A confidence of character and not being afraid of direct confrontation are key behaviors of all Zenites. Every Zenite must—at times—put the Alliance and the concept of Zenithism above themselves. Zenith is a family and selfless acts of bravery to preserve the well-being of the group are considered necessary at times.


Zenith is a family. It is inevitable for Families to at times have disagreements between each other. No matter the situation, each and every Zenite must maintain a constant respect to their fellow members. Along with internal respect, each Zenite is expected to show the same respect to a foreigner as they would a comrade.


To thrive, all members of Zenith must be honest. Taking claim to their actions and asking for assistance from their comrades in arms are important for both the alliance and the personal development of every Zenite.


Being Loyal to other Zenites, Allies, and the Seven Principles are crucial to the advancement of both self and alliance. No matter the situation and no matter the odds, Zenites must stand shoulder to shoulder as equals in confidence in order for Zenith and her philosophy to prevail across the Cyberverse.


A constant quest for knowledge and truth is a natural drive within all humans. By embracing this drive and the concepts of the Seven Principles, personal and alliance development will follow.


Giving both time and charity for the advancement of Zenith is arguably the most important concept of Zenithism. Altruistic acts and gifts are never left unnoticed and are necessary for the growth of self and others in the Alliance and the Cyberverse as a whole.


Each and every member joined Zenith for their own reasons, yet hold the prior principles true. The Seven Principles can be interpreted in a variety of ways. In fact, each member of Zenith should take The Principles and apply them to themselves in the Cyberverse and act accordingly to their own beliefs guided by the Principles. The Government shall rule with these Principles in mind and heart, and the Assembly should grow and advance in service to themselves, the Alliance and their comrades with these principles in mind and heart.

To Conquer Another Is To Be Strong

To Conquer Yourself Is To Be Invincible

- -o- -ooOO---------OOoo- -o- -


Ah memories... now I'm just a nobody basking in the hazy memories of when I had an internet connection...

Hope any of that was worth reading for you all, even when it was bad it was good, fun times...



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An interesting compilation of posts. I was curious how it went down after I had gone, and your words always having been strung together with ease was the best way I could think of of reliving what actually happened :)

Thanks Kzopp!

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I enjoyed this entry a lot. Its nice to see someone else has been through similar situations. I must say I like your posting style and you seem like a good leader, especially the tone and timing of your announcements with regard to the current mood of your membership.

Good show all round.


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not to offend, but you guys weren't prepared the first time (Karma), and still not the 2nd?

What more does it take?

At first I was going to reply with something pithy like "that's because I wasn't in charge of the military" hur dur, or point out that since the Karma war we were fighting a losing battle against disbandment and only a few departments of the alliance were ever fully functional, cite that half our gov (including our minister of war) and some best prepared members left right on the night before our Karma DoW (contributing to our poorer performance), or even point to the 1000% improvement in warchests and discipline against GRE & Fark (remember, though, in comparison to Zenith both GRE and Fark were powerhouses), but instead, I'll just agree with you.

The lesson is clear for any who read this: keep your military sharply honed or face the consequences. One brush with defeat because of poor preparation is one too many, and two is inexcusable.

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I enjoyed this entry a lot. Its nice to see someone else has been through similar situations. I must say I like your posting style and you seem like a good leader, especially the tone and timing of your announcements with regard to the current mood of your membership.

Good show all round.


Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was a fun time. I think everyone should try their hand at leading others, it certainly awakens one to their weakness and abilities.

An interesting compilation of posts. I was curious how it went down after I had gone, and your words always having been strung together with ease was the best way I could think of of reliving what actually happened :)

Thanks Kzopp!

It wasn't the same without you, but I'm glad to see you're still around and prospering. At one point, one of the commanders pointed at your new nation (and the speed of your development) and said to the membership "that is how you do it"

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You are totally right about Athens. :3

Heh, well, perhaps I was laying it on a little thick, but remember, too, that world was still reeling from the collapse of Hegemony and we were all looking for clues on how the "new world order" would run. It's easy to take one situation and project it as a continuing possibility.

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