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Entry Number 2 The "Monopoly"

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Alexander the 5th



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One thing I have noticed after playing cybernations for a little over 6 months, is the massive Influence the top alliances hold. These alliances where once quite small, and Inexperienced, but now, they are the most powerful in all of the game.

They made it from small to large.

Of course this took a long time, but they did it nonetheless.

Yet if you look around, this effect is harder to replicate in the "modern" era of cybernations.

Why? Quite simply because the big alliances have a hold on the CN universe, which makes it hard to succeed.

The large alliances, have I guess you can say become "too powerful" and sucked out some of the Potential fun, out of the game play.


I am not saying these alliances are out to create some sort of Cybernations "new world order" (Though who knows....)

I am merely saying, whether consciously or not, these alliances became very powerful.

This reminds quite a bit of what happened to America in Real Life, years ago in the era of small business, employers actually knew the employees, and actually cared for their well being, now a days the employee is just a number who produces another number in a large Multinational corporation, he is unimportant, and uncared for as a human being, all that manners is money.

This in my opinion sums up at least partially what happened in cybernations,if your a new player, you cant "experiment"

or play around, Unless you join an alliance, you are most likely going to get raided and laughed at (as well as hated)

for being a rouge. You have to conform, and conformity means joining an alliance, there is little Independence for the new player, and even the semi experienced player, it seems only a true professional will have any Independence after gaining much influence, and many months of experience. However almost no Independence exists for the New, and semi professional player...


To be continued in another entry/edit

I would love to hear your comments(even the negative ones)

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The large alliances don't have nearly so much power as in the days of NPO/NpO/GOONS hegemony. The power now is spread around between 15 or 20 alliances, either in SG or large alliances outside that (NPO and NpO again, MHA, TOP, IRON), and none of them with a 'monopoly' on power even within their own power sphere (as GOONS had in the Unjust Path, or the Orders in the Initiative, or TOP in the Citadel, or NpO in Frostbite).

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If you think the large alliances now are large, you should have seen NPO/IRON/MCXA in the heyday of the Continuum era. It's considerably easier to shuffle the top spots around than you'd think if you've only been playing for six months. A war can change a hell of a lot.

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I'm going to echo Bob and Delta here and say that the power is even more diffused than what it used to be. Even I've noticed it from when I started playing roughly two years ago.

To be sure, the largest alliances are reasonably secure in their power, however, the feeling of stasis is largely an illusion. The 15 or 20 or so alliances are propped up against one another like a castle of cards, their relationships with one another, whether good or bad, are all in a constant flux, adapting to the current situation. All it really takes is pressure in the right places from a determined sort, and the entire edifice could change.

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