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I Give You: Modion!

Harry Dresden


So, a friend of mine and I saw the movie Despicable Me on Friday. In addition to being a really really cute movie, it also has some critters called "minions" that work for the main character.

See then in action here:

While bored at work yesterday, I was texting my friend and said that I needed minions. Then I got to thinking that the lower mods were basically minions of the Senior Staff. That naturally led to the creation of the word "Modion."

Because I had some free time, I decided to photoshop what a modion would look like. It turns out that there is a tool on the website for the movie that lets you create your own minion. I did some tinkering with that tool and then did some light photoshopping to add in some CN reference.

And now, I give you Modion!


You can make your own minion here: http://www.despicable.me/ (click on "Minion Maker").

So, does anyone want to create a meme with me? It could be the new Polar penguin.


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