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Excerpts from the Uralican Daily News, 15 August 2010 Edition




Top Stories

Campers Head North To Beat The Heat

KHALMER-YU - The mayor of Khalmer-Yu was mocked by foreign mayors for having his infrastructure built up to be able to support fourteen thousand people - roughly four times the town's population. But he stuck to it, and he's glad he ignored the naysayers, because there has been a rush northward in an effort to beat the heat in the southern half of the country - as a result, tourism in Khalmer-Yu has exploded.

They are hardly alone in this regard. Cooler northern cities and towns such as Mezen', Shchelyayur, Salyakharad, Tazovsky, Lapyt-Nank, Naryan-Mar, and even Novyy Urengoy, have experienced a temporary population boom as a heat wave in parts of the country (most notably Saransk, where the temperature spiked at 36.2 degrees Celsius yesterday, well above seasonal norms).

"People who have low heat tolerance tend to move north during these hot spells," said one Uralican meteorologist. "On top of that, where our tourists from out of country go depends on the same thing. Usually, almost the entire country is full of people who don't like the heat. But southern Uralica west of the Urals has been kinda hot this year."

Fortunately, just because the area is hot doesn't always entail a drop in tourism. In fact, in the case of the three major Uralican cities along the Volga - that is, Tsykmä, Cheboksary, and Yulser-Ola - the effect has been the exact opposite, as water-bound revelers jump in to beat the heat.

First Uralicans In Space: Blast-Off Scheduled For 19 August

MIRNYY - With a municipal merger to take effect on 1 September 2010, Mirnyy has one last event to occur before it loses its separate status. On Thursday, 19 August 2010, the first rocket launched from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome since the First Great War will carry a satellite, named Vapaus I ("Freedom I") into orbit.


Salomäki To Teach Undergrad Linguistics In 2010-11 Scholastic Year

SYKTYVKAR - "If I have the degree, I might as well use it, eh?"

This is the reasoning behind Tribal Chief Jarkko Salomäki's recent decision to sign on at Uralikan Yliopisto as a sessional instructor. Although his political commitments limit the time he can spend teaching, he still will be able to teach some smaller classes.

Uralikan Yliopisto has, since its founding, been on the cutting edge of linguistics in both theory and application (and the interaction between the two), and there are almost a hundred twenty professors teaching linguistics across UY's various campuses, of which Salomäki is only the latest. Never satisfied with an honorary degree, he spent the summer largely working on fulfilling the normal requirements for a Masters' Degree, with his thesis being on the re-emergence of the use of various cases in Uralican Spoken Finnish.

The President of UY, Dr. Ovdey Shlomov, said that Salomäki is qualified to teach any undergraduate course in linguistics, but that he has settled on six specific courses to teach during the school year:

LING 150 - Introduction to The Linguistics Of The Languages of Siberia And The Ural-Volga Region

LING 210B - Seminar In A Language Of The Americas (Kwakw'ala)

LING 290 - Writing Systems Of The World

LING 310 - Introductory Linguistics For Senior Students

LING 377 - Minority Language Issues

ALNG 420 - Literacy Development

Semesters have not been chosen yet.



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