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Quit the whining peace is a lie!




Yes another thread, topic, blog on the Six Million Dollar War.

I see alot of people still can not see how RoK are legitimately attacking NSO so now I will explain, if you still are whining then god help you!

Lets start off with Sedrick being spied on, yes its true and its a fact and yes it is a legitimate CB for him to retaliate, however what it is not is a CB to attack the 2 other NationS that he did. This is where Sedrick went wrong and became a Rogue to TENE.

TENE asks for Ragnarok's assistance, Ragnarok agrees, however waits until update to optimize the attack. In the meantime Sedrick joins NSO, we all know NSO accepts ZI targets etc which is all fine and dandy. Though however they can not help them until the war, ZI sentance is complete.

RoK declares at update. NSO ask them why they have attacked a NSO member. RoK reply that he is a rogue and they are protecting TENE against him, which if NSO had checked the war screen they would have found out that TENE is in fact the defending party due to Sedrick attacking a TENE member (The one who had not spied) who had done nothing to provoke a war against him. This is where NSO should have stopped, and waited for the War Cycle to commence then do what NSO does and carries on.

However NSO then proceeded to test the meaning of an act of war against RoK, which funny enough led to war.



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But alliances shouldn't be allowed to attack people with a lame reason just because they don't like each other! This game wasn't built for war, it was built for politics and peace! And so what if NSO did something RoK said not to? They have every right to do it and get away with it if it's a small enough offense!


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You apparently have gotten confused about the nature of politics. People argue.

Im just putting the facts out there. If you can argue that they are incorrect with facts to prove, then proceed.

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