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Goodnight, sweet Torosaurus...




Welcome to my new Blog...

Too often, there is a problem with scientists making claims. More often than not, the claims are not the issue, but the average person's understanding, whose preconceived notions may run counter to the claim, is to blame.

Yesterday, I read that the Triceratops never existed... This runs contrary to what the was reported. The Triceratops existed, it was just a juvenile Torosaurus. Yes, they both still exist. They're just both known as Triceratops.


Triceratops Juvenile, Torosaurus Triceratops Adult.

Notice the differences between the two fossilized skeletons. The angle of the horns and the large bone that guards the neck. This is not the first time that bones would change during development (We humans tend to do that too...). Another aspect that made it difficult to classify would be the differences observed between sexes in the Cerapods.

Now, a moment of silence for the Torosaurus Genus...



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Ha, now that's Bad ScienceĀ®!

If the world was created 6,000 years ago, or 10 seconds ago, it would make no difference. The evidence suggests that the fossils were there prior to that. So there is no difference between believing the Earth was created "with age" and the Earth being as old as the evidence shows. Though, it does take mental gymnastics to come up with a reason why that would be the case.

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