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What an odd-clustered train schedule!




Over the past few days, I have developed a feeling as if there had been an excessive amount of DoE's lately, earlier I took a look down the front page of the Alliance Announcements forums and i found the results interesting to say the least.

1 Page.

27 Topics (not counting the three announcements)

9 Declarations of Existance (Expletive Removed, Legacy, Africa, GARO, Cat Land, Posaris, Unity, ACE, and OTF).

What an odd phenomenon to have such a high number of alliances formed in such a relatively short amount of time. Why so many, why at the same time, and why the generally horrible names?

I can't comment on the cluster or the names, but perhaps I have a theory on why so many.

Essentially, we haven't seen a good war in a long time. Wars tend to beat down people, demoralize them (to some extent), and take up some free time. Without them, nations grow to a point where their rulers feel they can take on the task of leadership, they have an all-time high morale that allows them to believe they can accomplish anything, and they've got nothing better to do with their time then invest it in a fledgling alliance.

If your tired of all the new alliances, instead of complaining about it, stop giving diplomacy a chance.



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"We haven't had a war in ages"

"These wars never end, they are so boring"

Congratulations on being able to point out two opposing opinions in a game containing tens of thousands of players, very clever. I don't understand why you did it however, as simply saying 'these guys have a differing opinion' does nothing to refute either argument, but it looks as though you've already chosen it as your stock reply of choice to anyone who says they are bored by a world with CnG near the top, so whatever.

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"We haven't had a war in ages"

"These wars never end, they are so boring"

Those two are very inter-related. Since nations are so large and it takes a lot to defeat them, destroy their warchest, and remove them as a threat, wars are death matches which last months on end with crippling terms to boot. And since everyone knows what will happen to you if you declare war and your support disappeared (see preceding sentence), people are very unlikely to declare war unless they're certain that they'll have the support to win - not an easy thing to do when you have to factor hundreds of alliances and (dare I say it?) probably a thousand treaties into account.

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Coming up next:

A flurry of treaty announcements that will make the treaty web even more of a mess than it is right now.

EDIT: Also, just to be clear....not kidding.

Coming up next:

A flurry of treaty shredding announcements that will throw a wrench into the messy treaty web, making it a headache to actually be able to tell who is on who's side.

Then the DoWs hit...

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