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Welcome to My Blog

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You my be wondering who I am, why I've decided to do this, and what use it is to you, seeing as I've been fairly inactive in recent months.

My name is Cheyenne. Over the course of several years I have founded or cofounded alliances that went on to have a major impact on the game (ONOS, MDC, TR/Atlantis, Vox Populi), had a hand in the beginning of several major wars (Maroon War, GW3) and been a member of more alliances than you can shake a stick at. I would imagine I have been involved in more backroom politics than 90% of CNers, and I believe that this biography of myself may be of interest to at least some of you.

Plus, I'm an attention whore.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy my ramblings on myself, CN, and her politics.

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