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The day I see a sign and the first thing I think of is CN, I'm outta here.

Hahahaha. One time I saw a license plate that was just LSF and I took a picture with my phone to post, never got around to it, though.

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I live in Intercourse, PA.

Seriously? So tell us, how far is it from Blue Balls to Paradise via Bird in Hand?

Love the area. Don't miss the PA State Choo Choo Museum.

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I live in Intercourse, PA.


We have a town in Newfoundland called Dildo.

It is highly disappointing to visit.

As for license plates, everything here usually starts with either C or H, and is three letters long, so not a lot of CN references to be had.

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I saw some gas place in Lowel, Massachusetts that said C&G and I immediately thought of the bloc... ugh.

There's nothing redeeming in Lowell. Nothing at all. Then again, I live in Worcester.

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