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Words of Wisdom: Kevlar




I decided to do this blog on words of wisdom from Kevlar, the great sasquatch:

<%Kevlar> i'll retire you

<%Kevlar> with a hammer

Here the great one shows if you can't get people to do what you want get violent. Or he is saying the answer to everything is getting hammered I can't tell which.

<%Kevlar> i'm worth my weight in gold burritos

Here the great one shows that even if you're a big fat guy who is hairy you can still be worth something.

<+Chris_Kaos> Kevlar once got the most votes into congress, even though he pulled out of the race.

<%Kevlar> clearly cheated

Here the great Sasquatch even speaks to the like of...ewwwww Chris_Kaos. You are so compassionate mr. Kevlar.

<%Kevlar> SHA BAM

While the meaning of these two words are still unknown, theologians think that it is a blessing.

<%Kevlar> i never actually made a nation

<%Kevlar> admin just loves me so much that he was like "let's party, bro"

Even admin himself can't resist the charm of the Sasquatch.

<%Ms_Neonangel> I think I'm going to perma-retire from CN

<%Kevlar> take me with yoooou

Even though they great Sasquatch wants to leave, he knows it'd break people's hearts. So he doesn't.

Hope you enjoyed. Hopefully I'll have something better to write about next time. ALL HAIL THE GREAT SASQUATCH.



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