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Test Drive.




I've been unable to find any motivation to complete anything I've already started today, and find myself waiting on others to do their parts in the grand scheme of things before I continue any more. So what better to do then start a pointless blog, alongside many others? I've used Zetaboard's blogging capabilities to limited success, and hopefully these ones will peek my interest a tad more.

One of the main idea's I like about these blogs in particular, is the ability to start multiple blogs under one user. I've previously used Zetaboards as an administrator's update blog, but found myself unable to post what I really wanted to say without the creation of an additional user. Now of only I had the money to throw around, I could see myself using these to much more effect.

Anyways, for the what, 20 people that read TLK's update thread the other day, I'm still looking for a nation willing to re roll their nation, in the name of Education. Come talk to me, preferable on IRC somewhere, if you want to know anything else about this.




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Sprout, I just rerolled due to some very sad circumstances (see: inactivity). 4 day old nation. What do you need help with?

I won't be a guinea pig, but if you need some informations, I can certainly give them.

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