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Bring one back..




A discussion in #csngames with some fine people from LOST, GO, TYR and Fark on music prompted me to post this blog. We discussed the likes of The Beatles, Sam Cooke, Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel. With legends like Lennon and Cooke gone the question was posed..who would you bring back if you had the chance and why

Personally i love the Motown era of music along with just about all of the 50's and 60's (Rock & Roll, Country..etc) so while it would be nothing short of wonderful to hear John Lennon or Sam Cooke or Dennis Wilson(one could argue Brian Wilson hasnt exactly been here for many years) i think i would have to cast my vote for Hank Williams who lost his life on New Years 1953 at the ripe old age of 29

What say you?



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You're kind of a redneck Joe :P

I like good music, sue me.

@Mandy, Or Maybe Bon Scott if we're going that route...can we just trade like 75% of the crap on the radio for all the people we discussed on IRC?

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