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Requesting a new flag



As you may know, I am attempting to turn around OO's public image. As such, I intend to rebrand the alliance. The first step is a new flag. If anyone would like to make a submission, please simply reply to this post with your concept. All entries will be considered. You will be doing a good service to help out the premiere alliance in CyberNations.



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So far I'm leaning toward customizing the second flag with two large circles (representing OO). I do like the large circles in the original flag submitted by EM, as they really describe OO very well and I like the fact that it has the initials of OO there. I'm thinking EM's will be our regular flag, and the star flag will be our warfare flag.

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I think that in EM's flag, the line between the OO's should be an elongated semicircle, and possibly with a horizontal line towards the bottom of the semicircle, and then another vertical line at approximately the very bottom of the semicircle.

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