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Forum Attack




So for the first time since I joined the staff, the forum came under attack from a foolish meatbag during my shift. It was kind of ingenious in a way, it was a collage of shock images, death scenes, mutilations, medical procedures and who knows what else. Certainly an efficient way of getting as most into the one space as possible.

The image itself didn't bother too much. Infact once I had seen it, it became more of a "I wonder what the hell that is?.... Oh that's <X piece of anatomy that has X affliction/mutilation>". More of macabre oddity than anything.

My real complaint however is that he was a quick one and managed to post it all over the place. I was also the only mod on at the time leaving me to chase him all over the forum. Once would have been quite sufficient.


Foolish meatbags attempted to assault my optical sensors.

Outcome: Meatbags fail.



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