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Lets Talk Politics!

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Mr Politics



Howdy and welcome to my 1st blog entry!

THIS IS A BLOG ENTRY FROM MY WEBSITE: http://letstalkpolitics.org

You might be asking yourself, why start a political website? Why dedicate

the time to manage it? Why start it after the elections? Well, this

website combines some interests of mine. I like creating discussion

forums and programming. I also love politics and debating. So I

figured, why not combine the two? How successful the site will be is up

to how much promoting I do and content I put up. Hence the existence of

this blog. But getting the site to a successful point will not happen

over night. It will take time over hundreds of news report posts,

debates, questions, polls, etc. That is the fun of running this

website. Accomplishments won't happen instantaneously and work must be

put into it. Watching the site grow and develop from October 30th

to...lets say 6 months or a year from now is part of the excitement.

*pause for 15 minutes*

Oh yes, my last rhetorical question: "Why start this after the election?"

Well...to be honest, I was foolish and didn't think of doing this

during the primaries before or after "Super Tuesday." I thought of this

idea about 2 weeks before election day. At first I thought I would have

a severely limited audience, but then I realized that there is the post

election blues season where the political junkies (like myself) logon

to the computer to check CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and The Daily Show ( :lol: ) to see the latest news, polls, debates, and puns. Now, when we logon, we just see "Barack Obama, President."

That is a really good thing but sometimes getting to the climax is

better than the anti-climax. And no, I am not talking about sex at this


So...even after an election as historic as this one,

there is still a large audience of people who like to talk about

current events and debate people online. We could be the new home of

political junkies and maybe a home for people who are not suffering

post election blues. I think this site has a lot of potential and maybe

one day have Wolf Blitzer say on CNN, "We have here with us, Mr. Politics, Senior Political Correspondent from LetsTalkPolitics.org who

will discuss the recent election results of 2012. :P "


What will I talk about on my blog? Well, I will share my views on major

topics. I will discuss why I support or don't support a certain cause.

Explain why I think a certain way on a topic. Write about my theory of

government, debate anyone who comes across my path, and talk about

current events. I hope you'll read it and respond so the discussion can

continue. Maybe my post made you think about something you did not

think of or vice versa. Hey, you never know. ;)

Here are the topics I'll write about in no particular order with the exception of the 2008 election.

  • Election of 2008/ Campaigns (First topic to discuss)
  • Abortion
  • The Economy
  • Education
  • Energy
  • The Environment (Global Warming Crisis)
  • Free Trade
  • Guns
  • Heath Care
  • Homeland Security
  • Housing market
  • Immigration
  • LGBT Rights
  • Middle East
  • Social Security
  • Stem Cell Research
  • Taxes

I hope to write 1-2 blog entries a week. Sometimes I may write more or

less depending on how busy I am that week. Once again, thanks for

stopping by to read my blog.

~Mr. Politics

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