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Life with Anya II

Barron von Hammer



My wife and I woke up Saturday morning determined to make the most of a beautiful day. As we were leaving the house she thrust her hands forward.

"Take these," she says handing me some tampons. You know, "just in case."

"Why can't you carry them?"

"Well I don't have any pockets."

Of course we went to the zoo that afternoon and I forgot about them. But not for long though. While attempting to buy a snow cone (after waiting in an insufferably populous line) I pulled my wallet out of my pocket and showered feminine hygienic products everywhere.

Needless to say, I was mortified by the attention I received from this ill-timed venture; my only solace being that I am probably one of a very few who is in possession of the suddenly relevant knowledge of how well one of these products can soak up a particular flavor....say Blue Coconut for example.


She hates Blue Coconut to begin with.



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