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While enjoying a good conversation in #coj, I came under some personal attacks by members of the Cult. Well, I personally, didn't receive any insults my mother did. Now, my mother said nothing to them to bring on such insults upon her character and age(Now if anyone has any exp. with the older ladies you do not mention their age) When I confronted the two childish bullies , they showed no regret for their cruel behavior. Now, my mom is aging and has arthritis which is nothing to joke about. Luckily, I was able to cool down, but my pain is still there. So, to cure it, I demand 50 dongs and 600 soldiers for my pain!

CoJ: The ball is in your court



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This wasn't worth reading as the name of your blog implies, but what you've described aren't personal attacks. If you were seriously offended and felt personally attacked by those comments you need to grow some thicker skin or avoid the internet altogether. I doubt you can be serous about this, but I support the Cult in this matter if you are.

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