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Final's Award Ceremony

Goofy Goober



Courage Award

Andrew Bynum is the winner of the courage award. Bynum braved a bum knee to anchor the Lakers and play some nasty defense. Not to mention one wrong landing on his already injured knee could have done him permanent damage.

Clutch Award

How many times in his career have we seen Derek Fisher pull up at the 3 point line, pull the ball all the way over his head, and swish a three in a pressure situation? While Fisher is a bit too old to be dropping 20 and 10, he can still swish ridiculous pressure shots.

Most Outstanding Player

Kobe Bryant, even with the 6-24 shooting debacle in Game 7 still wins the MOP. Kobe handling the double team opened up many of his team mates.

Most Improved Player

Two years ago, Pau Gasol could not handle Kevin Garnett. He couldnt match is intensity and he couldnt outmuscle him. Gasol spent the time in the weight room and got tough enough to put Garnett away this time. Gasol's strength and length gave huge problems to all the Celtic bigs.

Coach's Award

Both coaches coached their teams very well. But Doc Rivers pushed his team even when everyone was ready to crown the Lakers after Game 1. The Celtics were 5 points in Game 7 away from beating a team that was much better than them. Rivers primed his team very well.

Oh and congratulations to Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher on their 5th championship. Good luck next year.




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