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Albert Haynesworth needs to get off his fat $@!

Goofy Goober



Last year, the Washington Redskins gave Albert Haynesworth 100 Million reasons to actually try to be a productive player. Apparently, in 2010, $100,000,000 doesn't buy you effort.

After being the only Redskin to skip OTAs, Fat Albert has decided to skip mandatory mini camp. Haynesworthless wants a trade because he thinks the Redskins will make him play nose tackle.

Im pretty sure if you gave anyone 100 million dollars, they would play nose tackle for the Redskins. Thats not even withstanding the fact that the Redskins already have a nose tackle! No one can tell Haynesworth hes going to play end in the 3-4 because he wont show up to the facility! The Redskins have Chris Kemeoutu to man the nose tackle, so why the hell does Haynesworth think the Redskins are going to put him there.


I hope Haynesworth skips the entire mini camp and training camp. That way the Redskins cant take back his $23 million bonus and may be able to trade him.



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Even as a Dallas fan, I would play for the skins for 100million. He needs to stop being a disgrace to his team and man up and accept the League changes. Unless you want to be content with 4-12 seasons.

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i think the guy needs to be slap a 100 million times. for a 100 million i'll play for the Raiders in any position al davis wanted me. this guy just being a chump IMO

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21 million of that 100 million they just gave him in April as part of his guaranteed bonus, if I was reading the details correctly. Haynesworth is (rightfully so) taking a lot of heat for not showing up and doing his job. I'd be pissed if I was a Redskins fan.

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