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Let me insult the world for a few minutes..




Is it just me or does the world seem to be going in the wrong direction ?

Everyone pretends to be something they're not, natural resources are low , gas prices are high , jails are overpopulated.

Believe it or not I can link all of the above to "Wanting More."

If you think about it this country was formed on "Wanting More." We wanted to have freedom of religion and once we had it we made so many denominations even I can't keep track. I won't blame this on religion , but our American way is to want more and get more. We work longer and harder to keep up with the "Jones." We drive big SUVs and the need to get more makes us do a lot of things we shouldn't. If we originally came here for freedom , why are we all trying to get the same things. We came here because we wanted different things and we now all want the same things.

To say we are all like this is a bit much, I suppose there are a few out there , who are happy with what they have and enjoy life. God knows not enough people are this way, but again would we be anywhere without this "Want for More? " I think not. Yes it has its downsides, but if it wasn't for wanting more we wouldn't have a lot of the simple things we need. Though Need can be taken differently today. We don't necessarily need electricity, but we are used to it and would highly prefer to not live without it.

So all this actually has a point.. Hard to believe, but I am getting there.

I will not say it is bad to want more or the same things as everyone else, but don't do it because everyone else does. If you personally want that new Ipod go get it. If you want it because all your friends have it ... might want to work on your priorities. I think we need to keep up the "Wanting More," but feel we need to make sure it is what we want and if there is something you want and don't have ...

Work For IT. This whole lot of words came to me, as I was thinking of today's youth. There was a day when inventions were made that changed the world, there were people who stood up to change the world, and there were people who sacrificed it all to get it all.

I do not want to live a life like everyone elses. I want to make a difference and be someone who changes what needs to be changed in someway or another. So I am calling all you Ben Franklins, George Washingtons , Martin Luther Kings, writers, inventors , artists, builders, and revolutionaries to stand up do what YOU WANT and make a difference. I want to see more differences made and opinions voiced.

I can't say I or everyone/anyone will agree, but why should that stop you.

I doubt everyone agrees with me, but here I am voicing things that pop in my head.

I just want everyone to make sure they're all they can be. (Sorry for using the Slogan)

If we really want to survive the next ice age, natural disaster, energy crisis, we need people with ideas to stand up and not only Want More, Expect More !

Comments are welcome even if you disagree.. please continue reading my blog and once again give me your opinion!


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Lack of innovation is a result of pervasive laziness and lackadaisical standards imparted on the nation's population while they are still young. The public school system is a farce.

We will continue to want, but we will never receive, frankly because the people who have the means to actually change society have no vested interest in doing so. Why should Britney Spears become a humanitarian. Her status as socialite has served her well. If it ain't broke... ;)

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The people who lead society have been able to make the most of it so why should they try to change it? It is the people who get screwed by society that really need to speak up. The people who are getting $%&@ed by the system with no way to fight back need to rise up and say "Go $%&@ yourself." I call on all those downtrodden to rise up and fight the people getting rich off your backs. Rise up and take what is rightfully yours.

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