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An Online Gaming Question

Ashoka the Great



Anyone out there still play Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield?

More than seven years after its release, there's still a decent community of players out there. Just wondering if anyone else is a dinosaur like me.

Oh, btw, if you do play it from time to time or have RVS buried somewhere and decide to re-install it, you will be shocked to learn that I play under the username 'kingzog'. I'm usually on the Obsolete Superstars or Shadow Squad servers.

Also, I have a real knack for TKing my entire squad on small maps. I throw frags like a girl, apparently. :(



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Haven't played a Rainbow Six game in a ages....Seriously, it's been like 10 years.

Been enjoying 'Borderlands' with my son lately, was big into MW2 for a bit but got sick of it.

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Used to have it but I don't play shooters online much anymore because I keep meeting people who either tells me to place a body part my mother don't have in my mouth or throws like little girls... Must have played you before Zog. :P

Also have anyone noticed that Rainbow 6 games have the hardest single player ever? I still can't get into the casino in Vegas 1.

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I used to have that, although I lost it somewhere during the move from the UK to NZ. <_<

I've been playing Halo Reach and some RTS games, like Empire:TW and HoI3

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I had Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear a while back. Lost the discs. They were fun games. I might see about finding those discs again. They're probably scratched to piss though. I'm a big PC gamer though. I'm not too big on online games though. I prefer single player games that have more scope and better storylines or storymaking ability (I sort of RP so games like Paradox games and Mount and Blade are awesome to me). Right now I'm playing EU3:HTTT like mad. Here's my Ottoman Empire at 1600: n6ua1f.jpg

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Europa Universalis 3 played online is just awesome. It offers a different experience from the normal single player. Used to play it with my dad when he had time.

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