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Biff Webster


I've been playing this rogue-like for a long time. I played Moria on my father's puke green screened Compaq "laptop". Moria may be the first video game I ever played although I'm not sure if the BASIC game Gorillas was first. I've never won and this may be why I still play.

Has anyone played this gem and have you won?

I mostly run Dwarf Priests or High-Elf Mages.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, think Diablo with ASCII graphics. It's a lot more fun than it sounds, believe me.

You can even get a program called a borg to automatically play the game for you. You can set this borg to run as a screensaver so your computer can grind while you're AFK.

EDIT: Screenshot


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Seriously? I just tried to google it and it was the top response. Edited in a screenshot. Honestly, it is more fun than it looks. And it is free.

EDIT: Also, when you die, thats it, you're dead. Unless you savefile scum and that is just :((

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Cool, I prefer Adom thought. :ph34r:

Haven't tried that one yet. I've briefly played some of the variants of Angband but Vanilla is the best for me. Plus it's continually maintained so updates are frequent if not daily.

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