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Rebel Virginia




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Now I hate to pull an AUT here, but I can't help but notice that NationRuler has been following me around like a sad puppy lately crying about how awful I am. Now I have noticed that this fellow has a bit more hate for me than the rest of CSN. I also notice this guy is rather new, well, seemingly, only getting his start in late 2009.

So I've done some thinking, and it made since. NationRuler for nation ruler, and NationName for nation name.... That is the kind of gag that a CN player would come up with. One that had previously played that is. Furthermore, the type of grudge NationRuler seems to have against me is the kind that only someone I've wronged would have. It isn't some passive dislike, but an active hatred. NationRuler is someone out for revenge.

You must understand why I am curious. I wish to know who is pretending to be this NationRuler character. Which of my enemies of my past is so afraid to reveal himself? NationRuler, you have nothing to be afraid of. The days of PZI and chasing rerolls is long gone. So tell me NationRuler, who's reroll are you?

Also, fellow, since I remember you saying at least a week ago that you couldn't wait for me to leave RIA so you could nuke me. Well, I've left RIA. I am sure you know how to find me. Let's see if you have the fortitude to follow through, although considering which alliance you are in I honestly doubt that you do. But here's to hoping.

If it is any help I'll give you a bit of an incentive. If you best me I will tell you who's reroll I am, but if you fail, well, then you tell me exactly what I want to know. A fair deal if I've ever known one.



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I was hoping this wouldn't be Rebel Virginia pulling an AUT but when I read, "Now I hate to pull an AUT here, but .." my brain's self-defense mechanisms kicked in and refused to read further.

I apologize for offering a pyramid quote opportunity.

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He won't do it. He's CSN and therefore a complete coward.

Yes, that was my guess as well. But those fellows do enjoy talking a lot. Well, I suppose it makes up for their lacking in other areas.

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yawn, if he doesn't do it, I will.

Edit: &it has nothing to do with the alliance you're in.

What's this? A CSNer looking to put actions behind his words? I never thought I'd see the day.

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What's this? A CSNer looking to put actions behind his words? I never thought I'd see the day.

I know right? CSN is a bunch of fools who talk way too much for their size.

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