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Death to spiders!

BillyBob Kenobi



Spiders. They think they're so smart, with their web-spinning and camoflage. I've got news for you, arachnids; you're not smart, you're lazy. You sit on your fat abdomens all day long, just waiting for some dumb fly to blunder into your web.

Call me stupid, will you? Let me tell you readers about dumb. This morning, I gathered up a bunch of ant corpses and stuck them all over my carapace, then headed for the spider encampment. I walked right up to one of the sentries - the fool didn't even realize I was an assassin bug until I stabbed him right in the face with my proboscis. Fed well, then pulled back to a concealed vantage point to watch the whole camp panic when they found the corpse.

Who's stupid now, arachnids?



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