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Browser Based Games




I've played browser based games like Cyber Nations for about ten years now and after visiting an old one, seeing it announced as closed I began to try and recall all of the games I had played. Most of them were upwards of five years ago. Around that time I had the most free time and interest in this type of game. Unfortunately I can only recall a few that I've played and I've bolded the ones which are no longer playable either because in accessible or because the administrators disabled game functions. A number of those not bolded however are virtually dead with unresponsive staff or a near dead community. Some that are in ordinary text I just couldn’t access the community to tell if it was still active and alive and frankly, I wasn’t going to register an account just to check.

All Out War



Army Commander

Astro Empires


Astro Wars



Earth 2025

Empire Quest

Imperial Conflict

Last Knights, The

Mafia 1930

Mech Wars


Nexus War


Omni [something or other]


Sim Country


Urban Dead


Vagabond’s Quest 1 [First was text based, then switched to java]

World War 3 – The Patriots

WW1 - Subversion

WWII - War of Supremacy

Some games have returned by the will of the community, others are spin offs during their lives because of perceived neglect. There have been all sorts of administrations which range from those that saw their games as a method of potential income, others that saw it as a fun thing to do and more that just considered theirs a project to work on. No matter the reason for their creation there is always the possibility of neglect or closure. I wonder where CN will be years from now in this list. Where do you the reader think it will be two, five, ten years down the road?



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You must get bored easy.

I've only played two other games online aside from CN.

The first game I used to play online was an RTS called 'kohan: ahrimans gift' which has been dead for years now.. so sad that game had the best community of players I've ever dealt with.

The second is counter-strike source which is still going strong after so much time, apparently regular counter strike is about to die which isn't surprising considering its age, but CS:S is still good. I'm playing a lord of the rings mod right now, shooting people with my saruman staff >:D

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Used to play Kings of Chaos. It's pretty much dead now.

Darkthrone was also pretty good. Still alive today actually, with around the same amount of players that CN has - last time I checked.

CN will last longer because of our strong community. It's one of the strongest I've seen anywhere, and I've been around a bit - though not as much as you have.

It's a pity Earth 2025 is dying out. It was a great game in it's hayday.

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You must get bored easy.

It wasn't so much a question of whether I was bored or not as seeking to find elements in games that I hadn't seen before. Others were just to see what the spin offs were like.

It's a pity Earth 2025 is dying out.

It's actually dead. Jolt shut it down and might shut Utopia down. NukeZone was one spin off from that game and Mars2025 is another.

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Add to the list of the dead Lunar Wars (both rounds) and Galava.

There are any number of Flash-based games online as well that are stupidly active, most of them have a delightful habit of driving your processor almost into spasm and turning your browser into a resource hog. Notice I'm not naming them by name (hint the worst of the worst has lots of splashing Internet ads that border on soft core porn and include models that aren't in the game...ever), but do your best to avoid them if you like your computer. ;)

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I've only played CE, Urban Dead and Galava - for a very limited time that last one.

The only other game I've played alot online was Quake. Yes, the first one. Yes I'm old :D

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Nuke Zone is dead, Urban Dead also seems dead.

I really wanted to play Nuke Zone, but I never got the confirmation email. Checked my email ten times and made sure it was spelled right. :(

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Sim country is nowwhere NEAR dead. They have a hugely active community. That gmae was just too darn confusing. I never knew where my military was, how much money I had or what I was doing buying 1,000 miles of railroad.

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I had my forgo into Lunar Wars & Galava...it was fun while it lasted. But honestly, after those experiences I don't plan on playing any other browser games aside from CN for a long-time.

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At the pace we're going right now, CN is on track to cease to exist at the five year mark. If you check my last blog youll notice we've dropped 5k nations since Karma. Though the results of Admins' facebook challenge arent in yet but lets hope this nets us a few new nations

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I had a lot of fun playing Lunar Wars! Galava not so much. Ogame was fun too!

Sums it up for me too, although LW and Galava reversed.

I gave up OGame because you just spend all your time making sure your ships are safe, and if you ever slip up the #1 player shows up and kills everything. :(

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At the pace we're going right now, CN is on track to cease to exist at the five year mark. If you check my last blog youll notice we've dropped 5k nations since Karma. Though the results of Admins' facebook challenge arent in yet but lets hope this nets us a few new nations

I seem to remember seeing a screenshot of around NoCB timeframe where there were only around 25k nations then as well. Karma seemed to see a real influx of old timers returning who'd deleted back in 2006-2007 thinking that NPO had essentially won, and then were hunted down and brought back by the words "!@#$% going down, NPO is about to get stomped". Happened to me at least. In turn, a lot of those people left after the war. Sure we might have some decline, but I really don't think it is as drastic as some people make it out to be. I wouldn't be surprised to see CN around for at least 5 more years, if not longer

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I wouldn't be surprised if CN died out in 5 years, the in-game mechanics show many vestigial appendages and is really starting to show its age. What drew me into CN was how seriously the community took the politics, but the way the politics is expressed in-game is absolutely a drag.

CN is an overly glorified stat collecting game, the outcome of every war is basically determined before it's even fought. There are no theatrics and maneuver of battle, it's going down a checklist of things: []Warchest? []Tech? []Update Blitz? []Staggering? The closest thing to that is pondering which side a stats filled alliance is going to fall on, but it's a poor substitute.

I honestly can't help myself from rolling my eyes when people congratulate each other on a fun battle: "You conducted your daily allowance of attacks like you were supposed to! Great success!" Yeah...

I've been getting more into Astro Empires, the politics are weak but the battles are spectacular (for a browser game anyway). The nuanced rock-paper-scissors mechanics ensure numbers are not everything, and tactics play a much larger factor in the outcome of a battle.

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FreddieMercury, I think you would have like AstroNest then. It had the Space Empires ship design sort of customization. It also had a unique take on the end round thing. The top 10 players could start a project at any time. Once started I forget how the end of the round was determined but the rest of the game could decide whether to fight with the top 10 players or fight against them. If you knock them down (was it one or five of the top 10?) then the project is stopped. So it really left the end of the round up to the players. The revival project is titled Neo AstroNest. Unfortunately it doesn't look like it will go anywhere though as it's been years since the website popped up.

With CN I think some declining community interest will occur over the next several years especially as it ages if nothing new is done but the biggest risk to the game is if something occurs in admin's life requiring his attention to be focused elsewhere. There will be a time however when comunity interest could become barely existant if nothing new is done. That simply has to do with age, been there done that and others innovating where admin stopped.

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They weren't originally browser games but I've seen them ported to the 'net with java like windows.



Both of which were awesome back in the day. Usurper was a BBS fantasy game with about 10 races and 15 or so classes. It had a lot of neat stuff, like illicit drugs, join or make you own gang and go whoop other players @#$%, prostitutes, steal barrels of beer, mix poisons and drug/cocktails, go to the dungeon, train with a master, get in the arena, ect. There were a lot of characters run by the computer. It was all text. But if you were really cool sysop, you had like 12 nodes on your modem and so you could have a whopping 12 other people playing at the same time. It kept track of everyone though, so it could have upwards to a few thousand players.

TradeWars was a space game where you tried to control shipping routes, with all sorts of ships, fighting over planets and space stations, ect. It had only so many turns a day (set by the owner). Think CN is addictive, running out of turns was like running out of crack after a week long binge. Every day.

I played 'Realms of Despair' MUDD for a few years.

Let's see, I beta-tested E-Republic. Had/has potential but a little boring.

Played some fast paced resource builder/war for a few months, Village something, I can't remember, it sucked.

I'm currently playing Torn City.

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The other nation simulator game is making a comeback funnily enough, A lot of old players are becoming active again for some reason I can not think of. :unsure:

The politics there beats the hell out of the mindless propaganda filled drivel that passes for politics on CN these days. Back in the glory days CN was the premier political browser game, now everything is done behind closed doors and it has killed my interest in the game. It's kinda hard to get interested in a game when you never see anything happening.

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Played eRep for a while but the e-drama there was even bigger than here on the OWF. Tried a few others, like Adventure Quest and similar, but they got boring after a while. Played more MMORPG's though.

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