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Snowmageddon / College / Adios to the East




You know, I've sat down to write a blog about seven times in the past few months, and each time I never actually did it. I think it was because I had some things that I was thinking about, but none of them were really long enough to constitute a blog entry. So I'm going to take all of those thoughts, split them up, and write about them. Here we go.

The Remnants of Snowmageddon

For those of you that remember, the end of January and most of February brought us Snowmageddon I, II, and III. Whatever name you subscribe to (Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse, Snowzilla), the storm was pretty crazy. My college got 26 inches just from the first two, and my parents got around 18. Only about a third of it was melted when the third hit. So with the outrageous amounts of snow, what would be the thing most damaged? No, not houses, not trees, not roads.

Street signs.

Most of the street signs that I have seen in Pennsylvania look like they were hit by a Tractor Trailer. And while it's very possible that some of them were, most of them were brought down by Snowmageddon. How? I have no idea. All I know is that on my way back to college that weekend, most of the signs were either hanging on one side or completely gone. The kicker? They're still that way. Everyone's so preoccupied with the road projects that the street signs are littered around like kicked cigarettes. Either way, if you were looking to steal your favorite "Speed Hump", "Dips", or "Slow Children" sign, Snowmageddon was your heaven.


As of yesterday afternoon, I am all moved out of my dorm room, back home, and done with my Sophomore year. I get a week or two of a break, and then my online summer classes start up. I'm lucky enough to be working hard enough to graduate early, (in December 2011, a few weeks after I turn 21) which will save me a couple thousand dollars, and I can have a few months to rest before I start my Masters. I still have to figure out where I want to go for that. I've been trying to get so much school work done in so little time that I've been lagging with TSI, so hopefully now that summer is here, I can fit it more into my schedule and get lots of work done. I'm fairly optimistic.

Adios to the East

If you haven't heard, for the summer I'll be moving to the west coast and lifeguarding at Lake Tahoe. Conveniently, mhawk lives an hour away from it, so I have a free room, but a long commute to work each day. Oh well. So, on Wednesday I get to pick his furriness up from the Philly airport, and on Saturday we'll start our 2,600 mile drive out to Nevada. We'll just be following rt. 80, so if anyone has any suggestions on what to stop and see, I'd be happy to hear them. I'm going to be in the heart of a major climbing area, working at one of the most beautiful places in the world, and four hours from San Fransisco, so I have high hopes for the summer. I'll miss being close to NYC and my family, but I'll be back in three months for school again. Oh, and did I mention I'm terrified of flying?

More Disease Stuff

So, the only part that worries me about this summer is the job requirements. You see, to be a beach lifeguard, you need to be able to sprint 500 yards, run 500 yards, and swim 550 yards in a glacial lake (that currently has four feet of snow). I haven't been able to run in years, since I don't get enough oxygen. I tried lap swimming the other day, and made it three laps (I need to make it 20) in a row. Well, that kind of scared me and I started going to this place that does myofacial therapy (google it). After I got it done, I went to the pool and made it 14 laps, and literally cried in happiness after. Yes, I know, I'm such a chick. However, 14 is still not 20, and it's very hard to find a myofacial therapist. Plus, I'm currently at 400 ft above sea level, while Tahoe is at 6000. Tons of fun. So, I'm going to start jogging at night, and trying to eat a diet of foods that loosens inflammation. The diet, by the way, sucks. Basically, all types of preservatives encourage inflammation, so I haven't been doing too well so far. But here's to hoping I run like the wind come late May. I'll keep ya'll updated.

Well, that's all for now. It's absolutely windy as hell here today. I'm craving teriyaki noodles.



Recommended Comments

Have fun.

And if you play basketball show those flashy kids from the west how ballin' is really done from the coast. :ph34r:

Oh, I should have included this. My two friends and I played Horse the other day. I haven't played basketball in years, and neither had my other friend, but the one guy is a huge sports fan. Anyway, it ended up with me at HORS and him at H, and my other friend eliminated. Apparently, the pressure got on him, and I actually won. Hell yes, I won. :P

You would have been proud. :P

Hmm, I don't remember getting that much snow in Ohio, must have been a PA thing. Have a good summer Shurukian!

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was a PA/Coastal thing. Thanks! :)

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