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Writing poetry seems unfulfilling




I watch my fellow ants go off to fight and wonder what it would be like to fight for the colony. Think of the adventures I could have! I imagine some band of misfits could use a strapping young ant like myself to march along and inspire the troops with my poetry, songs, and essays. Maybe we could even sneak inside a home and make off with some sheets of paper and a bottle of rum so I could get the full "author" experience. It would be interesting to witness these bizarre acts I hear about above ground, like cherry bombs exploding and anteaters and spiders. I have to rely on #1102 to share the news of the day with me, since I find most of the other ants to be intolerable bores.

It can be difficult to get inspired here in tunnel 49A, Subsection 12, Subsubsection 1F. I attempted to pick up sculpting with a wad of chewing gum I found crammed in the corner of tunnel 22A, Subsection 2, Subsubsection 59L, however I find the material to be minty but uninspiring. I leave you with a haiku.

March March March March March

Forage Forage Forage Eat

March March March March March


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