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I Love Rebel Virginia

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Rebel Virginia


Loving Rebel Virginia  

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Well since it seems my appearance in Sparta's treaty announcement caused quite the stir, I suppose now is as good a time as any to remind all of you why you need me. Quite simply, you all are so dreadfully boring. Really, what would you do without me? So, how about you take a moment to give me your love, or your hate. It doesn't matter which. I thrive on both. And let us reflect on the moments all of us have had to together, and how you wouldn't trade away the precious little time you had with me for the entire world.

Is this blog entry not what you expected? Are you disappointed that is just more self-love from me? Well, if you are, then you must have come in expecting something different. How foolish of you.

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heh- if it wasn't for the blue, he'd be one of my favourite posters~

It's nice to have someone who speaks bluntly and argues intelligently, even if you don't agree with much of what he says.

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What appearance in the treaty do you speak of? Was it a comment?

Of course. I made a mild, and harmless, observation that upset an entire alliance. Quite remarkable how easily some people can get ruffled.

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A different color would be great... perhaps yellow? Or even - dare I say - black?

Half the time I want to kill youwith fire - the other half I want to crack open a cold one with you. The third half, I feel like doing both at the same time. :v:

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haha bet they still hate you from when you gave Sparta the ultimatum :P

Never forget. Never forgive.

I still stand by my original statements. They deserved everything they got. Part of me kind of wants to do it all over again. However this time around I'll be able to provide some nuclear fireworks that I couldn't before. Oh, the responses would absolutely delectable.

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I regret that I had to do the 'null vote' thing.

Reason: Lack of a "Rebel Virginia is mean, but he makes the world a better place" option.

While I may occasionally question your sanity, your motives, your reasoning, your....hmmm....remind me why I like you again?

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