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Freaky occurance while drinking large glass of wine tonight




I'll keep this short I just needed some cathartic release. I drink a lot of red wine. I love beer but the carbs have caught up with me. Usually every night I pour myself I rather large glass of wine and sip on it all night. Tonight my wife is at work at the hospital so Friday and Saturday night I stay home and watch the 2 kids, aged 3 and 1. About 2 hours ago I went outside to smoke a cigar and brought my wine outside and set it on a brick ledge on the side of the house. After I finished the cigar I came back in and got back on the computer and quickly got wrapped up in the Goons - Methrage thread. I realized I left my wine outside but took my time going back outside to get it. After about 20 minutes I went outside to fetch my wine and found it sitting right where I left it. I took a sip and there was sort of an earthy, outdoor, almost metallic taste. I took another big sip and tried to place the taste. I thought it was interesting that just after 20 minutes outside it had absorbed the taste of the outdoors. I'm not one to waste a glass of wine much less a rather large one so I sat on the couch and since the kids were in bed I got on IRC for a nice Constitutional/Arizona law discussion in #cngoons. I got down to the last few sips of the wine and stood up to kill the last sip and head to the kitchen for a refill. As I fill my mouth with that last sip I notice something out of the bottom of my vision and look down, mouth still full of wine and see a frigging huge brown cockroach upside drowned in my glass. I head to the kitchen spit the wine in the sink and realize I now know exactly how a very large and fat wood cockroach marinated in Cabernet tastes like. I don't think there is much more to say about that... :)



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lol, its fine. I can laugh about it now. Funny thing is that's the second time something like that has happened to me. In my teens a small cockroach jumped into my soda apparently but that time it was still alive and I actually felt it tickle my lips when I took a sip.

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Something similar actually happened to me in a restaurant. Got about halfway done with an iced tea and noticed a huge mosquito stuck between the ice and the side of the glass (drowned of course). I told the waitress and she said, "So that's where it went." She apologized profusely of course and in the end I got a free meal out of it.

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As I was reading the story, I was pulling for bird poo, but I suppose cockroach is okay too. I suppose it wasn't a bad way to go for the little guy, better than being squished.

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Maybe it's the same cockroach...

In other stories I know somebody who had a LIVING WASP in their drink and they SWALLOWED it!

A sting from that on the way down would really have complicated things. :blink:

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A couple years ago, I went out with a group of classmates and profs for a post-something party (I can't remember why, but it was likely just an excuse to get sloshed) at a restaurant, and a number of the womenfolk ordered some sort of neon blue martini that seemed to contain black speckles; the place was rather dimly lit, and no one cared enough to do much of an inspection of the booze and figure out what the garnish was. After they'd already downed a couple of them apiece, I got curious and held one up to the light...turned out that a large number of ants had gotten into one of the ingredients, enough that there were 20+ dead ants per drink. No one seemed particularly put off by this; the restaurant bought us off with a "sorry you just consumed an entire colony of ants" round of shots, but we probably should have held out for a little more.

I'm guessing that ants go down a little bit smoother than a cockroach would, though.

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