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Another Update




How was everyone's weekend? Mine is pretty good, here's some stuff I'm going to write down and you're going to read, just because I said so.

1. The new L4D2 DLC came out on Thursday, was fun. Our group for L4D2 played yesterday with our fourth member Bluebirdmatt. Pollard actually played through the campaign, minus the 58 friendly fires. Somehow, he found red pipes during the campaign at the last chapter.

2. Today's sunday, meaning 2 more days until another episode of K-ON!! ^_^

3. I got a StarCraft 2 beta key, and I gotta say, that game is amazing, sadly my computer sucks so much it can't handle the gameplay during battle.

4. The CN part of the blog now because Logan thinks I should write em on a CN blog. Tetris is filled with weirdos. We have a goat lover, a horse lover, a man who stalks a rice lover, a man who stalks the British stalker, a dude who's getting married in Thailand, and a self proclaimed genius who loves rice. Stay away from Tetris, you've been warned.

-Blade X

P.S- Book me plane tickets to Thailand USMC.



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