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It's Who You Know...




It seems some members of this colony are managing to avoid the rebuilding efforts in the upper levels as well as the action topside.

In particular, #1662 remains deep in the nest on Queen duty. Some job, fitting the Queen's new carapace every time She gains a microgram, or births another brood of egg sacs. I guess #1662 is SOOOO busy, she doesn't have time to let us know what she's been hearing in the Hidden Chamber.

And has anybody seen #699 lately? Ever since the war started with the Red Menace, he's been nowhere to be seen. Probably a good idea since he's a red as well. I just hope he not up in the aphid garden doing Queen knows what. I've heard he likes to shove several aphids at a time up his gaster. How sick is that? How did #699 become a part of our colony anyway? I hear he has "special"photos of #7 and #83 together. But that's just rumor.


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