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I've taken the step of creating a blog. Yay! Someday I'll write something that I find meaningful.

For now, though, I'll start with some comic relief. I'd like to go over what was probably my strangest and out-of-place experience in CN.*

This happened back in early 2008. I was talking on Skype with Ejayrazz. Suddenly the lights in my room dimmed and Ejay began speaking in a strange, deep voice. He said to butcher his ex-girlfriend in the bathtub; it went something like this:

"Hello. You know what to do. Use a meat cleaver, and swing hard to break the bones. Put the body in the dumpster, and be careful not to get any blood on the carpet, because it doesn't wash out."

I found this statement to be really out of place and to not make much sense in the context of the conversation. I'm not sure exactly what Ejay was going for here---but considering some of the other stuff he's said, I guess it makes sense.

More to come.

*Ten million Zimbabwean dollars to whomever recognizes the above reference. Hint: it's not from a movie.



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it's from the redlettermedia episode 1 review

20 nerd points for gryffindor

Bingo! That may be the best YouTube production I've ever seen. Sadly, I didn't find the Episode 2 review to be quite as entertaining. I had enjoyed watching the reviewer skewer every last detail of The Phantom Menace, and I was disappointed that he did not spend much time doing so in the review on Attack of the Clones.

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