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Press Release: 11-Apr-2010 - Elections of the 19th MCXA High Council




Release: 11-Apr-2010 02:30 PM CN

Topic: Elections of the 19th MCXA High Council

Distribution: For Public Release

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Gopherbashi, Crisconian Press

As voting for the 19th High Council of the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance draws to a close, a more accurate picture is being formed of who will form the government of that alliance over the next two months. Virtually assured is the election of Oli (Chancellor, with 85% of the vote), Supercoolyellow (Minister of Foreign Affairs, with 74% of the vote), Munki (Minister of Finance, with 85% of the vote), Jim (Minister of the Interior, with 82% of the vote), and AndrewHG (Member-At-Large, with support from 94% of voters).

This leaves two positions locked in a tight race. The first is the election for the Minister of Defense, where Jrkee currently leads Obadiah Hendrix 53 to 47. The other tight race is for the second Member-At-Large position, where Jrkee and 4nak8tr are both tied with support from 33% of voters. Should Jrkee be victorious in both races, he shall only be permitted to assume one of these positions. In the case of a tie in either race, the deciding ballot must be cast unanimously by the two Chancellors not running for election; NeuralLink and mcp13.

(In accordance with the Crisconian Press Neutrality Act, this document has been written with the intention of being neutral and unbiased. This document has been published by a private entity, and does not reflect any official position or endorsement from the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance.)



Recommended Comments

Supercoolyellow (Minister of Foreign Affairs, with 74% of the vote)


Indeed. A trend seems to have developed wherein our elections often mimic those seen at the municipal level, where incumbents are often re-elected by wide margins.

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