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Useless Thoughts on CN (Part 1)

Seipher Caim



After 2 years in CN, I'm about to write down all the things I've thought throughout this couple of years...

This could be considered as the part one (if I have the heart to write the following parts ;))

Sorry if it looks like ranting.. it's not ;)

PART 1. Importance of having an AA !

1. A CN Career depends on (nearly) nothing

Everyone agree on the fact that your first AA will have a great influence on your CN career.

When I joined the game on march 2008, I applied to GR, then to GOD (I liked their flag and theme) and then again I changed to Valhalla (the theme, forum and people I met were just to awesome to resist). How things could have been different for me if I didn’t change my AA. I would have on the opposite side of the treaty web and, for sure, would have considered Valhalla as “da big ebil”.

But things turned differently and I became part of the Valhala of the “Q era”. And I liked it. More for the community than for the public policy we had (at that time I was really noob and didn’t understand a thing to big politics). I later became Emissary and tried to change a few things I didn’t like but that is a totally different story ;)

I just wanted to emphasize the importance of your first AA... Something on which you dont have a real grasp when you dont know the game ;)

2. Alliance Jumping and Shopping

Then , I could have changed my AA but I praise loyalty very highly and even more during troubled times (times every alliances encounter once in a while). I understand that sometimes you have to change but, according to me, this has to be a calculated choice in order to avoid the "alliance jumping" behavior (which is one of the thing I despise the most). When you're an old player (let say "one year old" nations), you should know how to pick an alliance...

"Alliance shopping" is an interesting intellectual exercise : "where could I go if I had to change my AA ?" the answer can lead you to think of improvements you would like to see implemented in your current alliance (if you dont plan your move only on people but on the structure/policy of the target alliance). There is always a room for an additional effort to make in your current alliance before the "big break" on which I have no clue since I only experienced one alliance ;). Sometimes, you just have to shut down your ego and think rationaly about things. It appears that CN would greatly benefit from such a "ego dearth" (but once again, isnt it what make all this fun ?)

3. Creating its own Alliance : "this is my kingdom... from this wall to the window"

I help all the micro alliances I can help with advices and graphics (yeah.. mostly graphics in fact). And, trust me, I've helped a lot of alliances... the vast majority being dead by now (but I have a full files of no-more-used-flags if interested ;)). Activity is the key for sure... Leadership skills and knowledge of the game help too. Maturity is another keypoint for success. And I'm amazed by all the people who create an alliance out of nothing, fail and do it all over again.

Lear the ropes of government and of the game in a medium size alliances, help growing another micro alliances (yeah i know you won't have the "Emperor" title but hey, it's fun to be just ".gov" you know), just live in an alliance for some time to see what works and what is flawed. Do a background check for the people you're going to be associated with. Simple advices but more than often, it's not taken into account. Once again, ego is good for leadership, too much ego is not if you don't have a good and strong team of people you can trust and who trust in you.

I let aside the raid problem (since it's linked with the AA issue) for later...

Incoming in the updates :

- The mandatory "shoutouts posts" (this way we will all feel important ;))

- Rationality in CN

- Karma, the "Moral" Debate and the IPad.




Recommended Comments

(yeah i know you won't have the "Emperor" title but hey, it's fun to be just ".gov" you know)

Being leader of BTO < being minister at MCXA

I'm amazed by all the people who create an alliance out of nothing, fail and do it all over again.

Amen to this.

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I agree that the first AA will have a great influence on our CN career but this not forever, ee me as example, my first alliance was CDS, I was in "The League" side of the web fought for them in GW2 and GW3 and now I'm in NpO who were enemy of "The League" when I started.

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