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Log Dump, ohhhh yeah



This is some dank logs for real

<Biff[CoJ]> I think Achie is logging all this for later use. haw

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<Schattenmann> Could be

<Schattenmann> TWiC: Schattenmann insults everyone

<Biff[CoJ]> There are so many that deserve it though.

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<Schattenmann> yeah

<Schattenmann> And too bad for them they're all the same AA still and I'm old enough to remember

<Biff[CoJ]> haw

<Biff[CoJ]> I wonder what will happen to GRE.

<Biff[CoJ]> I'm starting to lose interest.

<Biff[CoJ]> So it would be nice if it would just happen

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<Biff[CoJ]> If it was anyone else but IRON, it might not even be happening.

<Schattenmann> What?

<Biff[CoJ]> No one likes IRON at the cool kids table.

<Schattenmann> What might not even be happening?

<Biff[CoJ]> The whole war GRE holding IRON up

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<Schattenmann> I feel like an idiot bc I don't understand a word you're saying

<Biff[CoJ]> The GRE/IRON thing

<Biff[CoJ]> You know?

<Biff[CoJ]> Unconditional surrender?

<Schattenmann> ...Nope

<Schattenmann> :S

<Biff[CoJ]> Everyone peaced out except GRE

<Biff[CoJ]> Because they want IRON to surrender whitout knowing what the terms are

<Schattenmann> The current war?

<Biff[CoJ]> yeah

<Schattenmann> The current war is over except Gre and I didn't know?

<Biff[CoJ]> dude

<Biff[CoJ]> lol

<Biff[CoJ]> I feel bad now

<Biff[CoJ]> I figured you knew that

<Schattenmann> How long has it been over?

<Biff[CoJ]> since easter

<Schattenmann> You feel bad? *I* feel bad!

<Schattenmann> LOL!

<Biff[CoJ]> Nemesis got reps.

<Schattenmann> What we need reps!

<Biff[CoJ]> turds like Dark Fist got them too.

<Biff[CoJ]> It's sort of !@#$%*.

<Schattenmann> They asked me if they were dicks for askign for reps a few weeks ago and I Was like "uhhhh no."

<Schattenmann> "Just don't be stupid about the reps"

<Biff[CoJ]> They have a claim I guess.

<Biff[CoJ]> I just don't want to see things trend into profit via bandwagon

<Schattenmann> It's not like they're asking for a bajillion rare hairless siamese cats

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<Biff[CoJ]> 2.3k tech is fine

<Biff[CoJ]> I think.

<Schattenmann> I think thats less than we talked about

<Biff[CoJ]> But they're not that big either.

<Schattenmann> Do you care if I dump this for giggles on blog?

<Biff[CoJ]> sure

<Biff[CoJ]> People might take exception to my view on it but oh well.

<Biff[CoJ]> They can get $%&@ed.

If you don't care what we think, you heard him, you can get bent! Byah!


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What? Smack talk and i wasnt invited? Im hurt :(

Also, i can attest to Schattenmann being out of the loop.

With a name like "Easter Accords" can you blame a person for skipping it?

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The point of this was to get me lost?

Well I guess I am getting more and more important these days :smug:

nah, actually the idea of me being important is like this :lol1: :lol1: :lol1: :lol1: :lol1:

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"Easter Accords? This sounds really interesting, better get on top of that. I love pictures of chicks, ducklings, and bunnies!"

I thought it was somehow related to the Troubles peace process but my memory is fragmentary and broken.

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Heh, I chuckled.


<Schattenmann> It's not like they're asking for a bajillion rare hairless siamese cats

Dude, that is totally going to be my first demand if I ever get anyone on the losing side of a war.

They'll be like: "That's ridiculous! What the hell do you need those for?"

And I'll be like: "Silence, dog! I'm making the demands and it's not for you to know. The Hairless Siamese Cat Machine doesn't run on air, y'know."

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What's the point of this? I'm lost.

Schattenmann is the new hegemony?

Hmm, does't quite work

CoJ civil war?

No, not that either

Lines being drawn?

Not really.


I give up.

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DarkMistress is gone; it's not like anything matters anymore,

For some reason, when DarkMistress was employed by IRON it was actually Moo's signature on her paycheque.

....if y'know what I mean.

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I thought it was somehow related to the Troubles peace process but my memory is fragmentary and broken.

That could be the case, but this is CN we're talking about. Schatt is right. It was more likely to be able bunnies, and candy, and ducklings than it was anything else. Do not give the average member of more credit than they deserve.

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When I found out that Sponge and DM live in the same area while Sponge was in Vox, I begged him to go take a picture of himself on her front lawn. It would've been the best Vox unconventional tactic ever.

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