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So, Rushsykes




Rush and i had a discussion on old Apple ][e games and i mentioned how i have never been able to find Odell Lake and then he linked me a site with almost ALL the old Apple ROMS including.....ODELL LAKE!!!

Rush, you sir, despite being old and grumpy...are my new best friend(for about another six hours or so)

EDIT: link2game http://www.virtualapple.org/odelllake.html

itb: bragging about high scores



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Dang it Wicked, when you title a blog post So, Rushsykes, we are all going to expect drama. What a tease man, what a tease.

Drama? With me? Sir, I will have you know I am universally loved, revered, and respected. And by universally, I mean at least 2 people view me this way.

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