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The History of The Bad Part 1

The Big Bad



CDS-The Early Years

The nation of The Empire of the North lead by The Big Bad entered Planet Bob 829 days ago. Shortly after my arrival on the black team I received a recruitment message from the Coalition of Darks States. I was complete noob and had no idea how anything worked. But I learned and I learned quickly. I was able to get into battle in my first few weeks with random raiders and rogues. I learned I liked war. I tried my hand at a few things in CDS. I tried recruiting - I did well but it was not really my thing and then I tried the Ministry of Intelligence this was my former real life occupation but I at CDS it pretty much consisted of coming up with target lists, no so much fun. I also tried the two things I would end up over time becoming pretty good at. The Military and Foreign Affairs. I became a ambassador to several alliances and started off as a Sergeant in the CDS Army, then I moved up to Colonel and then General at CDS. I also began to expand my work in FA. And also began to make my presence know on OWF.

Now CDS they were a great group of people. A real family with a lot of great talent and just good people. CDS had treaties to people like GATO and GGA (pre WUT). CDS never should have been a part of this group. They were not warriors and did not really play the FA game. CDS was more about fun and family. And as much as I loved those guys I wanted more. My trolling on OWF was just as active while in CDS as it was later as was my habit of acting on things I did not like. More than once I dragged CDS, mostly out of default into things like helping The Grey Council fight off a group of nuke rogues to helping some small alliance under attack by a group that wanted to force them to join or die. I also tried to begin building a black bloc with LoSS and many other black alliances to oppose GOONS as they moved in. CDS was never really hot on the idea although through force of will I was able to get ACID in a treaty with CDS and LoSS. Others in CDS thought along the lines I did TimLee and and Auto98 were working along the same lines. But CDS was more content to just be a sanctioned alliance with the same allies and keep the statues quo. Soon that would cost CDS a great deal.

The League/ACID/GW2

ACID was a newer alliance started by a buddy I knew as diplomat to the Trade Federation. ACID had about 100 members and I saw them as a growing alliance that could be a valuable ally. As I tired of sitting on the side lines as CDS liked to do I found in ACID more influence than I had in CDS. So decided to join ACID. This would be delayed first by threat of a new great war, something I was really looking forward to as I missed the first one, and then later by the departure of many of CDSs better know members to none other than NPO. I was asked by Rambo someone I have great respect for to stay on for a bit to keep things from getting worse, so I did. The League then was formed something that had talked about forever was quickly put on the front burner do to the creation of WUT. The League had great ideas it was full of hope and lots of talk but the reality was, it was, in word, a mess. While NPO had been reaching to new alliances and then helping build them the CoaLUEtion had pretty much been sitting on its $@!. I already was annoyed by LUE and found GATO to be confused. NAAC seemed to have some idea what they were doing but they were small in the grand scale of things. War was coming and I along with TimLee brow beat The League into bringing in ACID. Not long after when war was very near they would rush to bring in others. As the first shots of the war were being fired between GOONS and FARK I left CDS and joined ACID giving them their only real nuclear arsenal. LUE attacked GOONS and was attacked in return and GATO lumbered into the war while the rest of the League staggered into the war with smaller alliances like ACID having no clue what the plan was if one indeed even existed. The war was a mess. ACID however did well. We attacked GOONS I went after 2 GOONS nations and beat on them. One of them who had no nukes was then nuked by LUE nation. I gave him peace and wished him luck. The other GOONS nation was pretty much dead as well so I chose to go after NPO. This was a different time when someone like me could be all over the battlefield with no real consequence. I hit two NPO nations who were just kind sitting their unengaged. I rolled them both and received my first counter attack. An NPO nation came in and I killed him as well. And while myself and ACID were doing well over all the war was lost. Legion and ODN sat out the one chance they had to beat NPO and the League started falling apart. Soon peace was reached no reps no anything from us just white peace. I had grown a great deal from the war and reaped a huge profit. I had not faced defeat nor even an enemy that gave me a fight, I wanted more and I had a good idea where I would find the next war.

Legion/CDS 2.0

It seemed to the Bad that the next war would be against Legion and ODN. NPO had a grand opportunity with a the Leagues collapse and its members wrecked to take out the only other opposition. That was a fight I wanted a part of. After all it was Legion they had a rep. They had to be prepared for a fight right? Oh dear Admin was I wrong. Legion was as big a mess as CDS was when it came to its military. You had to register your nukes and get permission to build more. I kid you not. They were not much better on the FA side. I was depressed. Then I heard CDS was making changes, they were going to take a more neutral path and move to the new white sphere and it was suggested that CDS needed me. So I returned to CDS. Things had changed but not for the best. I ran for MoFA at the suggestion of others who thought I had some good ideas. I ran on growing our ties with some of the WUT alliances, cutting ties with people like GATO and company and moving in a separate direction with people like LoSS and ACID. In other words stepping out of fight we had no reason to be in with two alliance that we could trust. I won and thinking I now had a chance to change CDS I was shocked to find CDS had already charted its course. The were going to tie themselves to Legion and ODN and even worse Legion would have to approve of what allies CDS would have. I was pissed, I raged in Gov channels but kept it away from the general membership for the sake of CDS. As I talked with others in gov who agreed with me like TimLee and Auto we decided to leave and form COLD and idea Tim had been thinking of.


COLD or the Coalition of Legendary Defense had all of 5 members. We were never tech-raided not sure why but, then again tech raiding an alliance with the Bad in it may not have been appealing. COLD grew and we merged and we grew. As a founder I then drug COLD into the same sorts of things I did with CDS. As the clouds of GW3 began to brew we decided we would not enter the war as we were completely unprepared and still getting organized from the merge with VVVC. We did however decide we could help CDS by hiding their banks in our AA, sending volunteers to fight under the CDS flag with myself being the first to sign up, and to bank money for them to rebuild post war. What we got in return was a threat of war. CDS was getting smashed and was in chaos. Its leadership had come out of the blue and instead of taking our offer were threatening war. Shortly after we signed treaties with \m/ and TF!, WUT now had one more ally. CDS and company lost the war and CDS was coup ed to keep it from going nuclear. After we helped pay their reps. Soon we began talks with TF! about a merge and soon something would be born that would allow The Big Bad to do all he had wanted. The time of the Phoenix was upon us.



Recommended Comments

An interesting note: CDS and VE were so close that at one point (I think around September and October of 2006) we were close to a merge. However, we signed our first MDP with the NPO, and CDS decided to go in a different direction.

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