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OOC: Some necessary shoutouts RE: my Wiki projects




I've been thinking lately, and I haven't taken the time to thank the people who have helped me out with my Wiki projects, whether in a big way or a small way. But they really do deserve the props. So I shall do so here. :P

- The current Wiki moderating team (Michael von Prussia/Preußen, Locke, and Pikachurin) deserves a huge round of applause. All three have kept my redirects in check, helped me when I needed help, and given me pointers and ideas here and there.

- General Mazur (wherever you are these days :P) for making that soccer team infobox template.

- Whoever made that officeholder infobox template. That thing is a God-send.

- KeyStroke, Itsme, and Alonicus for making me flags, past and present.

- The CCC for letting me hone my Wikiing skills as their designated Wiki editor.

- Schattenmann for creating the Lady Athena page :ph34r:



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