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2012 ! what will happen?



We heard so much about 2012 in the past year or so some even say its the end of the world.

but is it?

what will really happen in 2012 we heard alot of theories about it but what will actually happen?

will we believe what the mayans said hundreds of years ago ?

But there is a common theory of that solar system will get close to the dark hole , and that will result in changing the poles , where it is believed that the north pole will get onto europe ! and the equator line will move to the north a bit where it will be closer to the mediteranean sea.

This all remains theory which will happen we dont know.

If you know any other theories or predict will happen post below :D


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"will we believe what the mayans said hundreds of years ago ?"

Seriously, lol. The Mayans designed a kickass calendar, one that was better that any other, since it was exact. No adding extra day every 4 years, or having the new year occur at different dates. Easy to track, too. It had one slight handicap. It went only to a year that for us is two years from now. As we know, that was much of an overkill anyways.

By this logic, The Mighty Engineers from XX century "foretold" end of the world in 2000, when calendars in many programs ended.

There's no such thing as Mayan prophecy about end of the world. It is simply not true. And pointing out that their calendar was not perfect is at this point quite rude ;-)

BTW. According to my wrist watch, it is 9:02 PM, and thus the world will end in less than 3 hours.

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The Earth certainly won't end because the Mayans "predicted it." On the Mayan calendar, 2012 marks a new era, a reason for celebration (they would call it a Baktun). Even if they were saying the world would end, are we really going to listen to people who couldn't even predict the end of their civilization?

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People are building up the anticipation of something drastic happening so much, that when the time comes those people will actually end up being the ones to cause something to happen. For an example, if you convince a substantial amount of the populous that a catastrophic flood was about to hit their city in an allotted amount of time, by the time the deadline comes, all the panic and paranoia building up to it will cause a bunch of problems on it's own. The Y2K fiasco can serve as a good example as well, some areas ended up with looting, stealing, home invasions, and violence both related, and unrelated to the above mentioned, even though the new year passed on by without a problem.

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At the tail end of the twenty-fourth hour of December 31st, 2011, we will be in the year 2012. And then the cycle will repeat at the end of that year.

That is all.

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Its all just silliness. The Mayans have no such prophacy and appearantly nothing that talks about the end of the world happening then, they just have a calendar that "ends" on a certain day. This has led to alot of people making up crap due to a poor and widely discredited reading of the calender. Its no more different than someone saying our calendar ends at Dec 31st the year 9999. All we would do is add another place and all that the end day on the Mayan calendar means is that the calendar would need to start from a new b'ak'tun the next day possibly with some religious observation or celebration attached to it if the mayans were still a nation. In fact if you work their calendar the way it should be worked we shouldn't even think of a real end date to it until the time comes to move up to the next step the piktun which happens on 13 October 4772 and even then there is no real end date there just a new system of numbering.

So to be basic, nothing happens but a new cycle of the calendar starting which only would really mean anything to the Mayans.

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The Mayans cut the hearts out of people as sacrifices to their god. Only a moron would believe the future predictions some jungle tribe that did that.

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