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A Battle for Pulaski Timeline




3/27/10 By: Jack Munson

0000 CST: Evacuation Complete, Imperial Airships leave for Capital Peninsula. Estimated 3,000 refugees.

0125 CST: Raider reinforcements arrive, shelling begins.

0153 CST: 25th Defense Unit Arrives

0206 CST: First Confirmed Causality

0245 CST: Consul True declares battle of Pulaski to be "most important battle since A-day."

0330 CST: 21st Security Unit and 25th Defense Unit launch joint operation to retake Green Acres

0426 CST: 21st and 25th Capture Green Acres, officially ending the Battle for Pulaski

0600 CST: The official casualty count comes in at 1,289 Raiders dead, 1042 wounded, and 986 captured. The 21st's casualties include 232 dead, 15 wounded, and 1 MIA. The 25th's include 86 dead, 0 wounded, and 13 MIA. 10 civilians are either missing or dead.

0630 CST: Damage estimated at 3 Million Dollars

0800 CST: Imperial Airships arrive at the capital after encountering heavy storms

0830 CST: Consul Smith addresses the Empire

Look for more reports on their way

-Jack Munson



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