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Excerpts from the Uralican Daily News, 26 March 2010 Edition




(OOC: Another late one. Got too tied up in KOTOR :P Will probably do another one Monday or Tuesday.)

Top Stories

National Research Institute Opens In Nevyansk

NEVYANSK - Although it was an inevitability that a national research laboratory complex was going to open in Uralica, much to many people's surprise, it didn't end up being in Nizhny Tagil after all. Although the large city is considered the technology capital of Uralica, it was in the much smaller, nearby city of Nevyansk in which the Uralican National Research Institute opened its doors.

"The purpose of this institute is strictly that of a research nature," said Dr. Ovdey Shlomov at its opening early Wednesday morning. "There are five main branches to it as well. It isn't for simple theorising, either - leave that to Uralikan Yliopisto, it is plenty large enough for that sort of thing - but what is done here is research in medical science and technology, agriculture, hi-tech, mining methods, and applied chemistry. You have to be at the top of your game to be allowed in this place."

Several companies have invested a great deal of money in this project in spite of the fact that it is technically a public endeavour. Naturally, the big mining companies such as Bolak Corp., Magyar Independent., and Gornyak Uralica are involved, along with a great many agricultural companies, and a few Uralican medical production companies such as UralElektroMed, SeverMed, Dentex, and Uralic Compassion.


Who's Hot, Who's Not


1. SpVgg Ubb's entire squad. After two matches, they have the second-highest goal diff in the entire Kolmonen after TvinkiZavod Chaykovsky, and they weren't even expected to pull it off!

2. Ruslan Makarov, TvinkiZavod Chaykovsky - what have they been putting in this guy's Twinkies? :P Let's be serious - this guy has eight goals in only two matches!

3. Raimo Suominen, SiPS - he has established himself as a first-rate playmaker thanks to his exploits in Liga Mundo and in the Kanslerinkilpi. He kept it up this week, too!

4. Semyon Kolarov, Fortuna Nizhny Tagil - helped get the 'Toon off to a roaring start, particularly in the last match, where he scored 4 of 5 in a 5-0 rout of Lokomotiv Kotlas.

5. Leonid Voloshenin, Khalmer-Yu Town - there's a reason he leads the Kakkonen in assists. I think that's all I need to say ;)]

Honourable mention for Gornyak Kachkanar for such a dramatic turnaround from their embarrassing performance in the Kanslerinkilpi.


1. RB Moroz Rybin, FK Inta - umm... is this guy the worst defender in the Bolakliiga, or do I need to get my eyes checked? Seriously, his plays have caused more turnovers leading to goals than any player in the Bolakliiga.

2. GK Jarno Rantanen, Lokomotiv Kotlas - worst goalkeeper in the top two tiers without question. He's nothing short of a sieve. I mean come on, even FK Inta's goalkeeper would have stopped at least two of the shots he let in against Fortuna!

3. FK Zavyalovo's back end - I dunno. Either FKZ's the worst team in the entire UJPL (statistically, they are) or they've just caught teams that are way out of their league. I hope the team can be content with being Vitonen pioneers, because if their defence and goalkeeping doesn't improve drastically, that's what they'll be.

4. Kolos Maiskiy's entire team - yeah, I know, they played a team that ought to be in the Ykkönen rather than the Kolmonen. But they could have at least scored a goal like FK Zavyalovo, or stopped some shots like Fanershchik Uralsky (who have been absolutely shelled, by the way).

5. ST Aleksey Alborov, FK Kotlas - he's complaining that he's not getting enough playing time. Maybe if you actually put in a little more effort, you'd get it, you soft git! :P Only one goal in his last seven outings, spread across Bolakliiga, Kanslerinkilpi, and the Siberian Trophy, has this guy turning out a bench-warmer.



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