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CFPL - Matchday Three

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Matchday Three

We laughed, we cried and I shouted a lot but ultimately, the results remained the same and another boring matchday has passed us by.

No more, said we the few, we the proud, we the minute CFPL fanbase. Saturday's matchday four will see interesting games, even if it kills us (likely) or if I have to replay every single game until we get a result (liklier). It will make for a lot better viewing than today's, I promise you that. It can't take all that much effort to get more than two goals in four games though, can it?

The featured matches this week were Style 386 vs Feyenooit (for the commentary) and Athens vs Umbrella (for the action). I feel it prudent to warn that strong language might have been used, so please execise discretion.


Tigris FC vs Real Vanguard


MK Dons vs Greenland United


Style 386 FC vs Feyenooit


Athens Athletic vs Umbrellailures



Tigris FC	0	vs	0	Real Vanguard
MK Dons		0	vs	0	Greenland Utd
Style 386 FC	0	vs	0	Feyenooit
Athens Athletic	1	vs	1	Umbrellailures

	Team		P	GD	Pts
1	Athens Athl.	3	1	5
2	O'Samurai Utd	2	1	4
3	Feyenooit	3	0	3
4	MK Dons		3	0	3
5	Style 386 FC	3	0	3
6	Tigris FC	2	0	2
7	Greenland Utd	2	0	2
8	Umbrellailures	3	-1	2
9	Real Vanguard	3	-1	2

Link to standings, stats and past results.

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Recommended Comments

I think my favourite play was that one off the bat for Umbrella where he just kept going straight.

Also, is it just me or did the Away team dominate the first 3 games?

I hate to say it but I was relieved when we got that draw, even though we were at home :(

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