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How much time do you spend on Cybernations in a week?





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I was wondering how much time people spend in a week on Cybernations on average. That includes the actual game, the forum, the off-forums, IRC etc. Everything surrounding CN.

Since I have no life and hang out a lot of IRC I guess I spend over 30 hours in a week on CN, might be more.



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I never thought about how much I put in to CN. But when you're on IRC and browsing forums while at the office and then try get back on once after children go to bed without upsetting my wife, it takes up more time than I realize.

But you know, I do enjoy CN so it is worth it imo. :)

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If you count the whole lurking around IRC while reading something and then going to talk every 10 mins through because someone said one of the naughty words on my highlight list, then definitely over 50 hours.

Heck, a few months ago I was spending just 20 hours of it organising reps.

(I have no friends)

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Yea 3-4 hours per day, WHO THE HELL DOES 50 HOURS+ ???

From Nordreich's reformation until I stepped down as Kaiser I probably averaged 70+ hours per week. Easily.

Since then, much less. (Thank God.)

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Kinda depends on what you call 'on CN' I suppose. I probably spend 12 hours a day 'on' IRC- but it's not as if i'm at my computer for the whole time. I spend maybe ~3 hours a day on CN related forums (maybe)- but i'm distracted at the same time.

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It varies.

At my apex of playing CN I pulled maybe 8 hours a day. Now that's whittled down to around 2 (if even), if you don't count my incessant Wiki-jockery. :P

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