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Two years of Mia!




You've all be stuck with me two years, I pity you. I am a youngin still but hehe. No, I have no plans to make a long speech, I am not anyone remarkable, some people know me, most don't.

I joined CN in March 18th, 2008 due to the fact that Grahamkeatley led a group called Solaris in CyberCitizens v1 and I joined that game. I have played the other game that is not to be named for six years and since so many people came over here from there, I stayed away until I ended up meeting Graham and coming over TOOL. I've been in TOOL ever since. I became a diplomat in April of 08, lower government (it is elected monthly in Council) in May of 08 and was elected for 9 months straight before becoming Hand of Foreign Affairs in January of 2009. I was SNOW Director for a year from June 08 to June 09 and eventually ended up disbanding it as a whole. Served as deputy of FA from May of 08 to January of 09.

Nothing big or fancy. Just have been in TOOL, not a troublemaker but I feel pity for those who have been stuck with me (mainly allies). Doesn't look like I am escaping government anytime soon. xD 2 years of government in May.

Also, thanks to all of you whether you've been annoying or someone I don't know, you all make up what makes this place what it is and that is what makes me come back more than anything. It surely isn't my nation that keeps me here.



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Happy Anniversary, Mia! You've fought, led, pillaged, and looted your way across Planet Bob while still keeping your style! That's a win, and I don't care WHO YA ARE!! :)Here's to the next two!

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ICWUTUDIDTHAR. :P (Knowing her she'll probably think this rather humorous.)

Mia's the most awesomest person in CN :wub:

He is picking on me, insisting I am known. He is a meanie poohead, Jarkko. D: IGNORE HIM!

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